A Guide to Posting Your Resume Online With Google Docs

There are a number of advantages to posting your resume online, including:

  • The ability to easily send a link to your resume
  • The opportunity to collaborate with others on improving your resume
  • The increased discoverability of your resume through Google search

Plus, since online resumes are a fairly new practice, you’ll stand out as technically savvy!

There are several ways you can post your resume online. In this post, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to post your resume to Google Docs — which is free to use as long as you have a gmail account.


1.  Go to the Google Docs page (http://docs.google.com/) and sign in. If you don’t have a Google account already, sign up here.

2.  After you’re logged in, click “New”, located in the top left corner and then select “File Upload”.  You’ll then have the opportunity to select your existing resume from the computer. Note: if you’re creating a resume from scratch, click on “Google Doc” in the “New” drop down menu.

3.  Select your conversion options. We recommend converting the document to Google Doc format, so you can make edits to your resume from Google Docs.

4.  Once your resume is finalized, choose your sharing options by clicking the “Share” button in the upper right corner. At this point, your sharing options are as follows:

  • Private: only you and anybody you invite can view the document. This is a good option if you’re still perfecting your resume and providing access to a few trusted people who can help with edits and improvements. For this option, you can provide viewing or editing access.
  • Anyone with the link: anybody can access the document as long as they have the specific link. This is a good option if you want an easy way to send the resume link to hiring managers and recruiters, yet you don’t want your resume to be completely public and indexed by Google search.
  • Public: anybody can find and access the document. This is the best option if you have no concerns about publicizing your job search. This share option allows Google to index your resume, making it discoverable through search. Just remember to set the access to view only — you don’t want random people to edit your resume.

5.  To share the link to your resume, just copy and paste the provided url via the sharing settings.

Now you’re a Google Docs pro!