A Simple Guide to Writing the Perfect Job Posting [eBook]

Have you ever wondered if your job postings are selling your open job to qualified candidates in the most targeted way possible?

You’re not alone.

Many employers struggle with crafting the perfect job post, which can make attracting the most qualified candidate within a reasonable time frame more difficult. And with job seekers reviewing job listings in mere seconds, it’s important your job stands out to ensure the right candidates choose you.

If you’ve ever struggled with what to write, which details to include and how to title your job, we’ve got good news: Simply Hired has just released a new, simple guide to writing the perfect job post We call it “Anatomy of a Job Post.”

Putting a Career Into Words

Crafting the perfect job post is both an art and a science. Your job title and description must be appealing enough to attract an ideal new hire and accurate enough to draw in a candidate whose experience and skills are aligned with the role itself.

A disconnect between the way your job is titled and described and the type of candidates you seek can mean the difference between finding the perfect applicant in a matter of days versus months of searching.

Reading this guide can help you identify:

  • Which details in your job description  will pique candidate interest
  • How to brainstorm an accurate and appealing job title
  • The most effective length for job descriptions and job titles
  • Quick tips to optimize your existing job posts for better performance

Are you ready to revamp your job postings and get a larger number of high-quality applicants in a shorter period of time? Click here to download the guide.