Top News of the Week for Recruiters, August 21, 2015

The industry that has been getting the most buzz around HR and company culture is the technology industry. Recently, everyone has been talking about tech companies upgrading their parental leave policies to attract top talent. In addition to tech companies’ seemingly endless perks, the never-ending discussion about the diversity and the best practices on hiring to create a diverse workforce continues.

Read on for the top news for recruiters this week.

Recruiters, Hiring Managers Must Collaborate Well to Succeed via SHRM

A candidate can sense when a recruiter and hiring manager aren’t in sync, and it looks bad for the company. This article touches on how to improve the relationship and even includes a list of sample questions a recruiter can ask the hiring manager to learn more about a particular requisition.

Intel Now Hiring Way More Women, And You Can, Too!  via Huffington Post

A hot topic in the tech world is the lack of diversity in the tech workforce. According to this article, “forty-three percent of the company’s new hires this year have been ‘diverse’.” Intel credits the Rooney Rule for their increase in diversity.

The Mind-Blowing Reason Behind How the Best Employees Find Jobs via INC

This article argues that companies should spend their hiring efforts on “targeted outreach and networking programs” versus job postings. Lou Adler, the author, surveyed 1,800 people on how people search for jobs, provides some insight on the type of approach recruiters should focus on.