Small Businesses Can Win Big With Forrester-Validated Performance

As the owner of a small- or medium-sized business, saving time and money are among your top priorities, especially when it comes to hiring. That’s why we designed Simply Post, an easy and cost-effective way to advertise your open job postings. It is simply the most efficient  and low cost way to hire your next employee.

In the beginning of the year, Simply Hired released a Total Economic Report by Forrester Research that highlighted Simply Hired’s core value proposition as a lower cost and faster time-to-fill solution for employers to find great candidates. Even though the report was conducted on enterprise businesses with hundreds of hires, and your hiring needs are much smaller, we are delighted to share how these results are applicable to your business.

What were the findings?

Simply Hired is the lowest-cost solution

Simply Hired delivered new hires at the lowest cost of all the vendors studied, at less than one-half the cost of the leading job boards. The Simply Post option for small businesses is also cost-effective compared to job boards. Because all sponsored jobs on Simply Hired take advantage of our efficient keyword-matching technology, we are able to offer a single posting product that undercuts similar products. We pass the savings from our technological efficiency to you, the customer.

Simply Hired’s improvements grow over time

Introducing Simply Hired into an enterprise hiring campaign delivered a year-over-year reduction in costs compared to the baseline (job board) campaign. We were able to produce these results because Simply Hired’s candidate-matching technology continuously grows more accurate as we match candidate searches to relevant jobs. Jobs posted with Simply Post utilizes this technology to show your jobs to the most relevant searches on our website. Even if you only sponsor your job for 30 days, our technology will continue to improve matching your job listing with qualified candidates from the day the job is posted. 

Simply Hired’s faster time-to-fill performance

Speedy time-to-fill is estimated to play a positive role in 100 percent of hiring campaigns. We fill faster because we display your jobs to qualified candidates, which means you spend less time evaluating unqualified candidates. Since time and resources are often stretched for small companies, the savings gained by a faster time-to-fill can have a real impact on the bottom line.

If you’re looking to hire 1 or 10 employees, blue- or white-collar professionals, the benefits gained by our largest customers can also help small businesses retain a competitive edge. There’s a lot of detail in this report, and it validates our promise to deliver quality candidates efficiently, at low cost.

Whether your organization is a large enterprise or a two-person start-up, with Simply Hired as a recruiting partner you can spend less time evaluating candidates and more time on the business you love.

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