Simply Post Premium Brings Improved Job Post Visibility

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Simply Post Premium, a job posting product that helps small businesses gain maximum visibility for their open jobs  – and their company – at the same time. Small businesses have it tough enough competing for talent. We at Simply Hired are doing our part to level the playing field a bit.

Learn more about our small business job posting product Simply Post, the three levels of service we offer (Basic, Plus and now Premium) and how Simply Post Premium is taking small business talent recruiting to the next level.

Simply Post makes online recruiting easy

Small businesses typically don’t have fancy applicant tracking systems to help manage their hiring.  But they do need a fast and easy way to organize, review and manage candidates all in one place. That’s where Simply Post comes in. Rather than having to keep track of various emails, the Simply Post dashboard lets you review, rank and filter candidates in one place.


If you are trying to fill more than one position, it also lets you manage multiple positions in one dashboard.


Access to a Unique Candidate Pool

When you post your open job on Simply Hired Premium it is seen by job seeking visitors on and is included in Simply Hired’s exclusive Partner Network, a set of thousands of media sites that exposes your job to passive job seekers. These sites include large media properties such as ABC News and smaller niche professional sites.   

Prime Time Promotion

With Simply Post Premium, your job will gain greater visibility and attention thanks to a Premium Badge that will show up next to it in’s search engine results. When a job seeker does a search on, your job will stand out from the crowd. 


When candidates click on your job, they will be taken to a customizable job listing landing page that can include your company logo and any photos or video that can help the position look as compelling as possible.


More visibility and more attractive job descriptions means more candidates and faster time-to-fill on your open positions!

Build Your Employer Brand – Get Included in Company Directory

Your company deserves to be listed right alongside the “Big Boys” in the Fortune 1000. Gain credibility and get discovered by potential candidates by getting included in the Simply Hired Company Directory. With Simply Post Premium you create a custom page describing your company with your own copy, logo and photos or videos.  


Longer Duration

With Simply Post Premium, your job will be live for 60 days – a period that covers the entire hiring cycle in this tougher recruiting environment.  

Interested in giving Simply Post Premium a try?  Get started in three easy steps, and happy hiring!