Simply Hired and White House Help Workers Discover Career Paths

Simply Hired was invited to the White House in October for the second time to participate in the 21st Century Jobs Jam as part of an ongoing effort to help Americans find gainful and fulfilling employment.

With Vice President Joe Biden, Department of Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, Department of Commerce Deputy Secretary Bruce Andrews and White House CTO Megan Smith in attendance, Simply Hired head of data science Jike Chong presented a new concept to help employees find fulfilling career paths.

Expected to launch in 2015, Simply Hired also piloted its new career-path discovery concept at HR Tech this year. “We have a unique opportunity to introduce a product that can lead the market and bring fulfillment to millions of workers across the country,” Chong said.

The landscape of job search has shifted over the past several decades. In the past candidates looked for highly paid jobs, regular hours, and stability. But today more than two-thirds of job seekers believe that it’s more important to find a fulfilling job than a higher paying job. And more than half of all employees are looking, at least casually, for a new better job.

The White House has recognized this shift in values and where past goals centered around finding workers a job–any job, today’s Jobs Jam seeks to use implement projects to help workers find skill-appropriate and fulfilling careers, rather than simply reducing unemployment.

Among the dozen projects proposed at prior White House Jobs Jams, six were chosen for further exploration at this event. Three of the projects focused on helping workers identify career paths.

The prevailing conclusion from the government is that to achieve meaningful results, the team needs a robust data source as well as the ability to analyze.

“As a data-driven company, Simply Hired is uniquely positioned to help with this initiative,” Chong said. “With almost a billion annual job searches, we’re adept at analyzing large quantities of data to provide the best possible result quality to our employers and job seekers.

“I’m excited to use Simply Hired data to help drive a product that can address unemployment, and we look forward to future collaboration with Vice President Biden in 2015.”


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