Simply Hired Reveals Top Employer Brands of 2014

Big data. Employer branding. These are some of the biggest buzzwords in HR over the last few years. If you’re like most companies, you’ve probably already implemented some form of employer branding, but you’re probably not using big data to its fullest potential. Only 14 percent of companies in a survey by Deloitte said that they were doing any significant statistical analysis of employee data.

At Simply Hired our team of data scientists continually looks at the billions of signals we gather about how job seekers behave on our search engine. Branding has traditionally been one of those “soft” areas of measurement for employers. Surveys, editorial lists and curated reviews are the most common ways to discover how others view employer brands – and these methods are limited. What insight could Simply Hired’s job search engine data offer into how candidates engage with one company compared to another?

In November, we launched the first Employer Brand Index (EBI) for companies in the retail category. EBI is a quantitative measure of employer brand based on the frequency with which millions of job seekers engage with a company’s job listings as compared to like employers. Today we’re pleased to release the EBI for seven additional categories.

As you look over the lists you’ll likely find a few surprises. New breakout brands are capturing the attention of candidates – companies that are innovating in their industries are disrupting not only incumbent business models but usurping traditional employers in their appeal to candidates. As Tesla outranks General Motors, as Netflix and POPSUGAR outrank Sony, and as ride-share company Lyft rolls onto the scene, we are witnessing a new era of popular employers.

With companies focusing more on employer branding, it’s helpful to have a quantitative measure of job seeker preference based on a large sample of behavioral data. Use these lists to explore your competitive field from the job seeker perspective and take cues from the practices of the top companies. View the complete set here.