Simply Hired to Collaborate at White House ‘Jobs Jam’

As an organization that strives to connect the right people to the right job opportunities, Simply Hired is pleased to announce that it is attending today’s “21st Century Jobs Jam” organized by the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy. The Jobs Jam will focus on jobs, labor and skills for middle-class workers. 

A Focus on Collaboration

Three representatives from Simply Hired will attend: Jike Chong, head of data science; Delaney Parker, staff software engineer; and Jolene Lee, product design strategist. They join a select group of entrepreneurs, technology leaders and innovative state labor and workforce experts to collaborate on strategies to help Americans connect with job opportunities.

“It’s really exciting to see experts coming together across the industry to collectively solve the problem. I’m looking forward to collaborating and understanding the various ways we can help change peoples’ lives for the better,” Lee said. “This project is a great fit for Simply Hired because this is where the job seekers are. We can use our vast amount of data in compelling ways to make employment insights easier to obtain.”

A Focus on Quality

The federal government has long focused on ways to keep Americans employed, going back to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal programs, which provided jobs for millions of Americans during the Great Depression. The focus of the current administration is not merely to ensure that Americans are employed but to provide ways for workers to find “good jobs.” The government qualifies a good job as one that provides access to training that allows workers to develop skills and leads to better pay and career growth.

“Quality is at the foundation of the algorithms that drive our technology,” Chong said. “There’s a distinction between a job and a good job, and the quality of our work impacts real peoples’ lives. I’m looking forward to this forum because the attitude of the White House fits our mission so well. At Simply Hired we create solutions to help employers find quality candidates and help job seekers find the right jobs.”

A Focus on Innovation

The stated goal for the Jobs Jam is to find ways to access available job seeker data, use technology and tools to connect job seekers with jobs and elevate awareness of available resources.

“I’m so glad the government understands that these elements need to work together,” Parker said. “We can’t drive innovation without a thorough understanding of past and current behaviors. The data-driven approach is critical.”

We’ll report on Simply Hired’s experience at the Jobs Jam next week after Chong, Parker and Lee return.