Seize Unique Hiring Opportunities During The Holidays

‘Tis the season to lean in and engage top talent! Getting ready to rest your chin in your hand and count the hours until you can productively hire in the New Year? Don’t start things off with a backlog of positions that need to be filled.

Just as you still have open positions, candidates looking for their next opportunity still need to move forward in their job searches. Many do not want or cannot afford to lose six weeks during the holiday season. Talented professionals are always interested in exploring great companies and competitive opportunities. They are coached to take advantage of all the chances to network during the holidays. You can be a part of that effort! Consider the following tips for finding your best-fit candidates before the ball drops:

Lean forward when others are leaning back

Job seekers may worry that recruiters and hiring managers will be scarce during the holidays, and their concerns are justified. Be available during this time for networking conversations and interviews, and take advantage of the less crowded playground. This behavior also reinforces a strong workplace brand, as you show how you value connecting with interested candidates. Capture these opportunities to engage talent while visions of sugarplums distract your competition.

Cultivate your talent pool

Even though you are ready to close the deal with new prospects, the decision to hire usually takes a village. If members of your hiring team are not as available to make hiring decisions, you can still woo talent. Just as it is with figgy pudding, a little goes a long way. Be responsive when candidates inquire about the status of positions, even when you do not have a detailed update.

Offer to speak with professionals interested in your company whether or not their ideal job is on the table. Create an open position on your career site that invites these candidates to generate a profile. Vet the incoming materials, and reach out to learn more about these candidates. Though certain job requisitions might be on hold until January, you have the benefit of predicting the future. Use the holidays to develop relationships with your January hires.

Consider the candidate’s perspective

Remember that as many offices dim their lights and people take vacations, your interested candidates may have an easier time getting away from their desks to come speak with you. Their workload may be lighter, and in that case, they have less stress to manage when excusing themselves from their current employer. Take the opportunity to meet with them during this time.

The holidays do not have to be a loss in your hiring efforts. Keep your momentum going and ring in the New Year with new candidate relationships and ready-hire talent!


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