I Resolve To…Lower Hiring Costs and Deliver Better Applicants

Everyone loves a good New Years resolution.  It’s an accepted fact that the arbitrary flipping of a calendar year makes a great opportunity to aspire to do and be better whether at home or in the office.  If you’re a hiring professional, recruiter, or otherwise involved in talent acquisition for your company, the New Year often marks the start of a new hiring spree to meet demands for future growth and fill gaps in your current workforce.

This uptick in hiring comes with an increased need for resources to help locate, interview, and eventually onboard your new employees.  It’s well accepted that employers make the largest investment in their new additions during the first months to a year of employment. While this is unlikely to change given the dynamics of training a new person to fit a specific role and inevitable employee turnover, as a hiring manager you can resolve to help improve the process.  Here are a few suggestions to help you lower hiring costs and deliver better applicants to help meet your company’s needs in the New Year, and beyond.

Lower Costs

When it comes to lowering the costs associated with employee hiring, the first thing to consider is efficiencies in your process.  Many companies without built-in hiring departments often rely on outside recruitment agencies or pre-screening firms to send a select group of candidates for review.  While this can save time when it comes to weeding through unqualified candidates, these services also cost a great deal of money in the form of referral and finders fees.  

One of the keys to reducing costs is access to a source of high-quality candidates or a platform that brings these individuals to your door with pre-screening in place.  A Forrester study found that Simply Hired delivered the lowest cost per hire (CPH) among two leading job boards and one job search aggregator. Advertising on Simply Hired cost 58% less than the leading job boards, and 7% less than the job search aggregator.  Simply Hired’s pay per click model means that employers pay only when candidates click on their listings, not when those listings show up in a mass search result. In addition, Simply Hired provides a host of guidance when it comes to crafting concise, targetted job listings to help ensure your open position gets in front of the right candidates.  In short, Simply Hired’s platform not only delivers quality candidates, but it also does so at a fraction of the cost of using a placement service or similar job board listings.

In addition, as the popular saying goes, time is money and this is especially true when it comes to hiring new employees.  Each day a position goes vacant is lost revenue and productivity for a company.  Leveraging tools offered by Simply Hired’s job search and listing platform can help employers recruit and hire faster, thus reducing the overall onboarding costs.

Deliver Better Applicants

Lowering costs is a useful strategy for a business, but for full effectiveness, quality must remain the same in order to achieve maximum value from a hiring program. As it turns out, Simply Hired also comes to the rescue in this regard.  With keyword targeting for employers and industry-leading search features for prospective candidates, Simply Hired has made an art form out of connecting qualified candidates with their ideal open job positions. Prospective employees can search job openings by location, industry, salary and more, ensuring that your final applicants are better matched with the specifics of your listing.

When comparing to other major job boards, Forrester looked at year over year data from a large recruitment agency and found “…the CPH of the other three large vendors increased at varying rates while the CPH for Simply Hired gradually decreased. This trend may be partly explained by the ethos of Simply Hired’s engineering team. When Forrester interviewed these engineers, we found that they regard Simply Hired primarily as search engine technology and dedicate the bulk of their resources to improving the job search experience for users.”

A positive job search experience allows Simply Hired to match candidates to more relevant job openings and improve the overall experience leading to a positive word of mouth and a corresponding increase of quality candidates on the platform.  

In short, if one of your resolutions for the New Year was to reduce costs and deliver better candidates for your available positions, Simply Hired is your partner to help meet your goals.

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Article Updated from the Original on May 19, 2019