3 Benefits of Simply Hired’s Redesigned Search Page

Looking at the advances in technology over the past few years, we know that consumers expect their online experience to provide more – more speed, more engagement, and more personalization. At Simply Hired, we also look for ways to continuously provide more.  Take a look at some of the enhancements we’ve made to our online job search pages to help you find the right candidates more quickly. The prominently positioned job filters, bolder job sponsorship highlights, and Simply Apply functionality all help you attract the best quality candidates as you jumpstart your 2016 recruitment program. Here are 3 outstanding benefits of what these enhancements mean for you.

Job Seekers Can Quickly Find You Anytime, Anywhere

With our search page’s engaging and modernized design, job seekers spend more time online browsing and researching the ideal roles. And due to prominently positioned job filters, candidates are able to zero in on the right jobs for them – your jobs! Candidates, on-the-go, can even apply to your jobs on their mobiles devices from fully responsive layouts that adapt to any screen size and from our one-click application technology, Simply Apply. This means high-quality applicants will be flowing into your jobs even faster than before.


Stand Out With Enhanced Sponsorship Highlights

Sponsored jobs now feature a bolder, more prominent sponsored job designation. Leverage your company name and brand to capture the attention of Simply Hired’s massive pool of over 30 million unique visitors, more than 60% of whom do not visit traditional job boards.


Applying To Your Jobs Just Got Easier

Lengthy application processes are a known deterrent to top candidates who have many employment options available to them. Simply Apply, our one-step application process, allows job seekers to apply to your jobs within seconds, putting you one more step ahead of the competition for the best talent. Reach out to your Account Manager to learn how to take advantage of Simply Apply.


Take advantage of Simply Hired’s new look and feel and reach new job seekers today.