White Paper: Predicting Future Trends in Talent Acquisition

No matter how rapidly the field changes, the past, present and future challenge of talent acquisition will always remain the same: finding the best candidate for each open position.

Over the years talent acquisition professionals have adopted, replaced and pursued new kinds of technology to meet this goal, and, with the rapid evolution, every step of the way has been a struggle for professionals trying to stay on top of the latest solution.

At Simply Hired we know that staying on the cutting edge of rising technology trends can feel like a full-time job. That’s why we’re pleased to announce the release of the white paper How To Predict Future Trends in Talent Acquisition.

WhitePaper Cover

Empowering Talent Acquisition Professionals

Talent acquisition technology has been expanding since the field was established, always spurred by the changing needs and demands of the modern job seeker. To help talent acquisition professionals unpack the most recent trends in technology, this white paper provides a solid template for how to predict and react to future trends.

Reading this guide will provide you with real data and insight into how to:

  • Evaluate and adopt the most effective talent acquisition technologies for improved ROI and to secure top candidates faster, more efficiently and at less cost
  • Understand and deploy new trends in recruiting technology before your competitors
  • Anticipate which technologies job seekers will adopt and act on this information to form your recruiting strategy

You’ll also understand the history behind technological trends in talent acquisition and learn a unique method of evaluating new trends that you can use to predict, identify and adopt the best recruitment strategies for your organization. The result is a new critical skill that allows you to decode trends as they evolve and apply your insights into attracting the best talent.

Anticipating the Needs of the Job Seeker

Since the beginning of the corporation itself, the way leaders and talent acquisition professionals have embraced technology has defined the evolution of hiring, firing and promoting in America. However, it’s not the technology that changes talent acquisition practices; it’s how technology allows us to meet the new and shifting behaviors of the job seeker.

Beyond simply understanding the most current technology trend, this white paper empowers talent acquisition professionals to identify and adopt the most effective technologies to meet the evolving needs of today’s job seeker.

Click here to download the white paper.