Simply Hired’s Performance-Based Advertising

We are in an era of transition in online recruitment. Pay Per Post, the way most jobs are advertised online today, is a holdover from the days of newspapers. Paying a flat fee for each job listing means you pay the same whether the listing is viewed by one candidate or thousands of candidates.

In the age of Google, there’s a better way to advertise. It’s called Pay For Performance. Pay For Performance recruitment advertising uses the same technology and business principles that run today’s search engines. The result is greater accountability, flexibility and control for recruiters who want to reach more qualified candidates.

Pay For Performance is more than just about the advertiser. It’s about the results delivered to candidates. With over 8 million job listings aggregated from company career websites, job boards, and niche sites, Simply Hired has more available jobs than any other job site. More than 30 million candidates come to our website, mobile sites, and extensive network of partner sites every month because they find jobs that interest them. We deploy the latest advanced personalization technology to match job listings with candidates’ preferences and qualifications.

Here’s why we believe a pay for performance is the most advantageous model for recruiters and employers:

1. A cost effective way to reach more qualified candidates: When you Pay For Performance by sponsoring a job on Simply Hired, your job listing is given priority in candidates’ search results.

2. Greater flexibility and transparency: You pay only when a candidate clicks on your job posting and you can start and stop your advertising campaigns at any time. Best of all, you chose how much you want to pay for each listing based on its priority. A monthly performance report will show you how many clicks each job posting received, giving you a detailed view into exactly how your money was spent.

3. More clicks = better performance: Our internal research shows that Sponsored Jobs on Simply Hired receive an average of up to four times the number of clicks than unsponsored, or Organic Jobs. 4times clicks

4. Easy to setup and manage: Every advertiser on Simply Hired is assigned a dedicated client services representative to help optimize job listings, manage budgets, deliver reporting, and recommend strategies for improving campaign effectiveness.

5. Risk-free trial: With no upfront fees, you can sponsor all or a portion of your jobs, for as long or short of a time as you need. Instead of paying for 30 days of advertising, you pay only for as much time and as many clicks it takes to fill your position.After running a trial campaign on Simply Hired, most advertisers enjoy the flexibility and transparency offered by Pay For Performance and find it more cost effective than job boards.

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