Infographic: The Best Time to Hire for Hospitality Jobs

If you recruit talent for the hospitality and tourism industry, you’re likely assessing your staffing needs right now. While the summer travel season runs smoothly in the background, you’re looking toward the winter and even 2016, planning for holiday travel and the free time that Americans will spend dining out and indulging in entertainment.

But as you plan, you may be missing the opportunity to hire the first wave of motivated hospitality talent. Recently the Simply Hired data team took a look at the job search pattern around hospitality and tourism jobs.

Open positions in restaurants, hotels, travel companies, and entertainment start becoming available slowly in the spring but don’t hit their peak until October each year, according to Simply Hired data. Conversely searches for these jobs ramp up by 30% in June, hitting their peak in July. Searches then begin to taper off slowly, reaching an annual low in February.

So if you want to recruit the most proactive candidates in the industry, the best time to post your jobs is now.

Take a look at our infographic to see what else we found out about hospitality and tourism jobs.

Simply Hired_Infographic_HospitalityTourism_Trends

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