HR Tech Recap: 3 Must-Know HR Industry Trends

Last week one of the largest and most anticipated HR conferences took place in Las Vegas, NV—HR Tech. Hundreds of companies and vendors attended and even more HR professionals, thought leaders and industry experts. Simply Hired attended as well, and was delighted by the energy, technology and many conversations that were shared.

The conference revealed how quickly and dramatically the recruitment industry is changing. HR technology is not a stagnant space. To demonstrate, job search has moved from scanning newspapers to searching on desktops to browsing on mobile apps. And where is the industry heading now?


The buzz around Big Data hasn’t dwindled down yet, and we don’t expect it to anytime soon. We saw at many sessions and demos that more and more HR professionals are striving to make data-driven decisions. With the power of data, employers can identify candidates who have transferable skills, find applicants who are likely to become top performers, reduce attrition and turnover, and improve productivity, etc. Even at Simply Hired, we harness data to drive our product, analyzing job seeker behaviors to fine-tune our algorithms. Data has the potential to impact businesses in a way that was inconceivable 10 years ago.


As a result of having accessible data, an emphasis on personalization arose throughout HR Tech. From candidate experience to user experience, personalization has become a hot topic and it indicates that the recruitment space is beginning to focus more on the candidate’s perspective. Part of personalization means a better candidate experience, including a strong employer brand, a painless interview process and immediate follow up. On the technology side, personalization refers to a seamless user experience, particularly on the ATS front as well as a more effective job search. We at Simply Hired focus on this concept through parsing user intent to try and eliminate irrelevant results. As the industry becomes more data savvy and sophisticated, we expect to see more and better personalization.


Although not a new trend, we witnessed many new HR advancements. One notable product launch was Findly’s CX Apply, which provides an easy solution to “make your ATS mobile in just one day.” This launch demonstrates the strides this industry has made, and proves that innovation through technology is the future. But our biggest takeaway from HR Tech is that innovation has no finish line. This idea inspires much of the work that is achieved at Simply Hired. This year we saw a lot of momentum: our mobile traffic has grown by 33% year-over-year, now at 40%, and with a high rated mobile app experience. But we won’t stop here—stay tuned for more!

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