5 Reasons To Use A Job Search Engine To Find the Right Candidate

Still advertising your jobs only on job boards? What if we said you can find more relevant candidates at less than half the cost of a job board? Here are five reasons why you should use a job search engine such as Simply Hired to find the right candidates.

Job Search Engine for the Right Candidates

1. Cost

Job search engines offer an opportunity to target job seekers specifically. They’re experts at matching your job positions with the right audience. This match offers you a higher conversion rate than traditional search engines. For what you pay a job board, you’re able to get more and/or better leads for your business. A Forrester study concluded that hiring managers can cut their costs by more than half by including Simply Hired in their recruitment advertising mix.

2. Time

Advertising on a job search engine does not require complex strategies, which means your job posting ads can be implemented quickly and easily. Most job search engines also offer a high level of customer support to manage a client’s advertising needs from start to finish. Simply Hired prides itself on its account management team, which partners with employers every step of the way and manages and tracks hiring campaigns, all at no extra cost. The Forrester study also concluded that Simply Hired’s faster time-to-fill is estimated to play a positive role in nearly 100 percent of hiring.

3. Distribution

Most search engines publish their listings actively to various web properties where passive users may be browsing and reading the news. A job search engine goes a step further in targeting the content more precisely and offering a more robust network with which to target passive job seekers. This ensures that your job posting not only reaches a broader audience, but also a higher quality audience. Simply Hired publishes jobs via a partner network that consists of high quality sites such as Bloomberg Businessweek and The Washington Post and niche sites such as TruckersZone and Diversity.com.

4. Flexibility

A job search engine can offer you more flexibility than a job board by re-allocating your campaign budgets based on where the challenging hires lie. For example, if you have two campaigns set up – one each for Sales and Engineering positions and the Engineering positions gain more priority within the organization, you can shift your budget from the Sales campaign to the Engineering campaign so that the Engineering job postings will attract more candidates. If Sales regains priority, shift the budget back to the Sales campaigns – it’s as simple as that.

5. Brand Presence

A job search engine attracts a large volume of job seeker traffic. As a recruiter, it is important to be in front of this audience and have a voice. A job search engine not only satisfies your demand for attention, but it also increases brand reach, ensures placement next to relevant content and yields better response rates. This high-quality experience enhances the presence of your brand in the eyes of the job seeker. Simply Hired works with thousands of brands to craft recruitment strategies that help them attract the right audience, the right way.

We invite you to comment on the reasons above or better still, add your own reason of why you advertise on a job search engine.


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