What We Don’t Want to Miss at HR Tech This Year

HR Tech is a large annual event for industry experts, thought leaders, HR professionals and more. The conference covers trends, highlights innovative technological advances for business processes and gives insight to the future of human resources and recruiting. Simply Hired is excited to attend this year from October 7-10 for a number of reasons.

  • What are companies doing to utilize the power of data to drive value and innovation? Predictive analytics, big data, data as an asset, evidence-based-decision-making—they’re all examples of turning insight (data insight) into action. What’s the Moneyball story for the HR tech industry?

Must-see session:  Juniper Networks and ADP’s panel moderated by David Gergen of CNN, “How Data and Analytics Will Shape the Workplace.”

  • Mobile is a perennial topic. Simply Hired has studied the use of mobile devices for job search. Job seekers are using multiple devices for many reasons, and companies that understand the most important use cases and task completion for smartphones versus tablets versus laptops/desktops will delight users and drive brand preference and word of mouth, which we know is the best source of marketing. What innovations are out there in the mobile experience, and which companies are working together to make end-to-end experiences seamless for the user?
  • HR technology does not come to mind when one thinks of examples of amazingly delightful design and seamless user experience. There’s a lot we can do to make candidates, employees, HR professionals and recruiters’ lives easier and better through interaction design, visual design and product design.
  • Surprises. One of the best elements of the HR Tech conference is the “Awesome New Technologies for HR” session. It’s great to see a new innovation from a startup. Are any companies pivoting and why? Inspiring manifestos lurk just around the corner.
  • Last, but not least, the product management and data science team at Simply Hired provides a demo of our job search engine and a new product concept that leverages big data. This is a shameless plug, but we are sincerely excited about seeing our team in action.

What are you interested in seeing at HR Tech this year?