Do You Know Where Your Applicants Are Coming From?

When you’re recruiting for top-notch talent, data about your potential applicants is mission critical to finding the right person to fill the role.  Savvy hiring managers realize that lightning is bound to strike once, but replicable results are critical to improving the efficiency of the hiring process.  

In that spirit, collecting as much information about your potential candidates is important to avoiding reinventing the wheel for each and every job search.  Education, background, work experience and geographic data can all be useful. Perhaps the most critical piece of data, however, is the route each applicant took to find your job listing.  Having this information can help track cost per application and is valuable in helping you understand how best to put your recruitment dollars to work when seeking out candidates.

Sold on the need for knowing from where your applicants originate?  Here we break down just how you can ensure you know just where your applicants are coming from for any giving open listing.

Live Tracking Questionnaires

We’ve all rolled our eyes from time to time when asked to fill out questionnaires.  Whether a quick survey on your way out of the store or a few questions as a follow up to a purchase, companies big and small use live polling to gather pertinent data about their physical and digital visitors.  While you may dread and avoid these like the plague in an optional setting, job applicants are more than usually motivated to provide this type of information.

Take advantage of would be job-seeker’s willingness to provide feedback by asking candidates to fill out feedback forms at the end of their first interview or as part of an initial screening form.  Not only can you ask the all-important “how did you hear about us” question, you can also craft a few key feedback queries into process and ease of application to help improve your routines going forward.

Advanced Tracking Tech

While old school forms are certainly an easy and accessible option, modern times call for better innovations in hiring.  Major job boards, such as, give employers the option to insert a discreet and useful tracking pixel directly into their “thank you” pages of their resume process.  When a candidate clicks through Simply Hired’s job listing to the employer application, upon completion of the resume submission the “counter” will tally that the recruit originated through the specific platform.  The Simply Hired tracking pixel is unique to each individual employer and a surefire way to gather much needed origination data from prospective applicants.  

Setting up the tracking pixel is easy and a vital first step to upping your hiring practices game.  Contact your Simply Hired account manager today and in minutes you’ll be ready to break down essential details to help make your recruitment process more efficient and effective at finding the best quality talent available.

Article Updated from the Original on July 30th, 2018