The Critical First Step to Reaching More Candidates

If you’re a recruiter in today’s job market you know just how hard it can be finding the perfect candidate for a client’s new job listing.  With unemployment near record lows, quality employees are increasingly sticking with their current positions. When candidates are looking, they tend to demand higher salaries and often want to test the waters before making final decisions.

It’s vital, then, that job placement professionals get their opportunities in front of as many qualified candidates as possible.  Scouring through stacks of resumes and perusing the white pages of the local paper isn’t exactly an option in modern times, however.  The technological equivalent, namely sponsored listings on websites where professionals in the desired field are known to congregate, are a key element to any successful job search.  Here we delve into why advertising campaigns are the critical first step to reaching more candidates.

1. Sponsored Listings Lead to Incremental Traffic

Sure, you may be able to post a job listing to your recruiting company’s board and call it a day.  You’ll probably appear in a few organic internet searches and may even land a resume or two for review.  Sponsored ads, those you pay for with targeted keywords that direct users straight to your listing, however, can help up the numbers of paid and unpaid prospects.

The reason behind this is a popularity contest of sorts.  Search browsers are designed to prioritize websites and listings that get more traffic overall.  These searches can’t differentiate between a website or page that receives 100 organic hits and 900 targeted advertising hits, they only recognize the gross total of 1000 overall views.  This means that paying for a few well-placed ads to target candidates for a job listing can not only up your sponsored numbers, they will also increase the natural attention and ranking of your page and website overall.

2. Increased Combined Conversion for Advertisers

Whether in sales or recruiting, it’s a fact that those with advertising budgets see a higher rate of conversion for sales than when organic searches alone are utilized.  Part of this is due to the fact that advertisements are often carefully tailored to attract the attention of the most relevant eyes. Marketing your product, or placement, to those who are potentially the most relevant will lead to a higher quality recruiting candidate that has been specifically targeted based on your listing keywords.

3. Increased and Positive Brand Presence

If you’re in the sales industry, taking out an ad in the local paper proclaiming your latest holiday sale or buying a commercial on prime time are viable options for attracting attention to your name and brand message.  As a recruiter, however, hiring a skywriter to pull a banner across a crowded beach probably isn’t going to set the right tone. Targeted advertising, on the other hand, is definitely seen as a more professional and acceptable method of attracting the right kind of attention.  

Sponsoring a few ads on select career-themed websites will make potential candidate not only aware of the present opportunity but will also have them thinking your company’s name when they are next in the market.  Positive brand image as a recruiting company helps ensure that the highest quality job seekers equate your name with a professional and effective source for making career steps.

The Final Word on Ads and Recruiters

As you can see, advertising using targeted phrases and in select venues can have an immediate and long-term impact on your recruiting efforts.  An effective ad buy not only helps you staff current openings, it can also ensure that candidates and companies have a positive outlook on your brand and know where to go the next time they’re in the market.  Start small with a realistic budget for a few key positions and watch the returns come in the form of higher levels of client satisfaction across the board.

Article Updated from the Original on May 9, 2018