Couldn’t Make #ERE15? Here Are 5 Notes You Would Have Taken

Last week was a whirlwind of talent acquisition management and leadership best practices courtesy of the ERE Media Recruiting Conference in San Diego, CA.

If you couldn’t make it to the conference in person, we’re sorry to say that you missed out! From captivating presentations by lead talent acquisition managers at top brands like Charles Schwab, Talbots and SAP, to spirited networking and engagement opportunities, there wasn’t a minute of downtime.

We could never capture the spirit and intensity of the event in a single blog post, but fortunately we were taking notes the entire time. If you missed the live event, here’s a look at five key themes and insights from the conference that you can chime in on via social media.

1. Speed-to-hire is #1

Rob McIntosh, Chief Analyst at ERE Media, Inc., emphasizes that time to fill has always been important. However, in an increasingly tougher job market, it’s becoming more and more of a pain point for HR Managers in the field. For every recruiting segment represented in his presentation, he cited overwhelming difficulty with speed-to-hire over other challenges such as inconsistencies within the process, technology, quality, cost and people.

2. Struggling with quality? It needs to be tracked 

HR Managers continue to discuss quality as a critical KPI, yet they’re not tracking those metrics to gauge long-term improvement. And in a business environment in which “What gets measured, gets managed,” we can all agree that measuring and tracking candidate quality will be a critical element in improving recruiting outcomes in 2015. 

3. Employer Brand takes center stage

Employer Brand continues to be top of mind for recruiters, especially as getting named on those top employer lists can cause a boost in the quality and size of a company’s candidate pool. Many speakers shared statistics about the benefits of investing in Employer Brand as well as tips for improving it.

4. Employer Branding and candidate quality can join forces

Speaking of the importance of Employer Branding, Dr. John Sullivan gave a provocative talk that shared a few actionable recommendations on how to deploy Employer Branding that actually improves candidate quality. His presentation shared a new definition of “strategic” and encouraged recruiters to follow a more scientific path to improve these metrics over time.

5. Simply Hired helps the best of the best get better

Finally, we were in for a little surprise of our own as Dr. Sullivan’s listed the top 12 companies with the most strategic recruiting functions. Of this independently-selected list, Simply Hired works with five of the top ten companies to help them develop higher quality recruiting programs.

Did any of these themes leap out at you? Leave us a comment below or tweet us at @SimplyHired to share your experience!