When it Comes to Job Listings, Location Matters

When companies sell their product, they promote their product where their target customer will most likely see it. For example, advertisements for toys are usually found on children’s TV networks like Nickelodeon, not The History Channel. The same concept applies to promoting your job listing. Your ideal candidate for the position has a certain place where they actively seek jobs, and you should be where they are.

Job Fairs

A job affair is the ultimate place to meet job seekers in person. Just make sure you’re attending the right one. If you have mostly mid-level or senior roles that you’re trying to fill, it wouldn’t make sense to go to a career fair at a college or university. Networking events are also great places to meet active job seekers. A lot of people are trying to expand their networks to find jobs, so you will meet people looking for jobs at industry networking events.

Professional Group Sites

Professional groups that usually hold networking events allow companies to post job listings on their site. The American Marketing Association has a job board that features jobs for all types of levels and functions in marketing. Another example is SHRM’s job page, which lists jobs from all across the country and career stages. Both professional groups have a “featured job” section that calls out a handful of jobs in a prominent place on the page. If you’re thinking of advertising your job listing on a professional group site, it would be in your best interest to pay extra to be featured because most people don’t go past the second page when looking at search results.

General Career Sites

The best place to advertise your job listing, and the place that will get you the most eyes, are job search sites like SimplyHired.com. Job seekers are able to customize their search by keywords, so making sure your job listing has the keywords that will match the words a potential candidate might search is important. Like professional group sites, if you want your job listing to get the most views and clicks, you should definitely consider making it a featured or sponsored job. Some 72 percent of job seekers don’t go beyond the first page of the search results, and featured jobs get eight times more clicks than organic jobs. Besides being at the top of the page, job seekers are more likely to click a featured job because it shows that the company is actively looking, and they’re less likely to apply to a job post that won’t send them a response to their job inquiry.

The hardest part is figuring out where your ideal potential candidate would look for a job. If you’re posting your job on a website, it’s important to remember how much more traffic featured or sponsored jobs get versus jobs in organic search. The worst thing that can happen is an awesome candidate missing your job listing because it’s on the second page of a search.