How to Answer ‘What Do You Enjoy about Working Here?’

For several months we’ve been doing an interview question series that coaches job seekers on the best way to prepare an answer to some of the most popular interview questions such as “Tell me about yourself?” and How do you stay organized?

Along the way we realized that job seekers are not the only people who have to answer questions in an interview. Very often candidates arrive at an interview with questions prepared for the end of the meeting, and it’s important that employers be prepared to answer these questions in the most honest and strategic way possible.

To kick off this series we’re going to start with one of the most common job seeker questions, “What have you enjoyed most about working here?”

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

When a candidate ask this question, he or she is trying to understand two things: what motivates the people who work for this company and what the most valuable benefits are.

The best answer is an honest one that models what you look for in your new hires, and that will depend on your company culture and company values. Here’s a look at several different ways you might reflect on your company and your experience in order to answer this question:

  • If your company values honesty and integrity, you can discuss how this attitude makes it less stressful to work here and share an example of a time when your leadership team was particularly forthcoming or showed integrity.
  • If your company values humor and a relaxed environment, you can discuss how much you look forward to coming into work every day because you know you’ll get a lot done but also have a pleasant experience while you work.You can also share an example of a good-natured prank or practical joke you were a part of and how it helped to develop a relationship with other coworkers.
  • If your company values its elite reputation and its level of expertise, you can discuss how its high standards have contributed to your own notoriety within your field and how valuable you feel your accomplishments have been since you started here. Then you can highlight unique products or clients you’ve worked with as a result of the company’s excellence.
  • If your company values service to the community or the world, you can connect your own desires to make a difference with what you’ve been able to accomplish with the company. In this light, you can share your satisfaction for being a part of an organization that shares your values.

This question is not just about your personal journey as a human resources professional or hiring manager. It’s about what your company values and whether or not the people who work there are aligned with that message. By reflecting on your answer to this question you’ll be able to help the candidate assess whether or not the position will be a good fit in the long term.

When a candidate asks this question, how do you answer?