6 Tips to Integrate New Grads Into the Workforce

We’ve recently been profiling Simply Hired’s real-world dive into just what it takes to successfully integrate new grads into the workforce.  It’s undisputed that developing quality talent from within not only saves on costs, it also fosters a more dynamic, interactive and teamwork focused workforce.  Adding in younger employees into companies also help foster much-needed changes, bringing in new ideas in everything from process to health and benefits.  All this means that newly minted graduates who are introduced into entry-level positions should be considered as part of a company’s most valuable resources.

The corresponding problem, however, is that most graduates are woefully unprepared to start out in a 9-5 job, much less a professional career.  With this dichotomy, what then are employers to do in order to maximize the potential advantages while ensuring their new grads become productive team members?

Enter SimplyHired’s detailed profiling of our team of new college grads who joined the ranks of corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale, California.  In this follow up video to the popular series we follow up with the recent grads to discover how they’ve adapted to work several months in. Interesting takeaways for employers should focus on the changing goals of the employees as they get a dose of real-world experience as well as their initial reactions to life on the job.  Check out the video for insights that could help influence your recent grad onboarding program.

The New Grads

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Article Updated from the Original on August 28, 2018