5 Traits That Define the Most Successful Recruiters

Whether you’re new to the field or a seasoned pro, professional recruiters are always hungry for best practices and input from other successful recruiters. In today’s article, we asked outstanding recruiters to weigh in on what makes them so successful. These are the five characteristics every recruiter needs to have in order to be the best they can be:


ashley doyal“Tenacity + domain expertise + empathy + obsessive attention to detail”

– Ashley Doyal, @Ashley_Doyal

Ashley Doyal, co-founder of the RecruitHer recruiting firm, cites tenacity as the first trait of successful recruiters. Recruiters who are tenaciously committed to what they do take the time to build true domain expertise and devote attention to all of the details that come with a position.




charlie judy

“Be open, transparent, and authentic with your candidates. Tell them what they need to know.”

– Charlie Judy, @HRFishbowl

Charlie Judy, founding partner of WorkXO emphasizes the role of transparency in recruiting as a building block of success. Recruiters connect people with jobs, and they also give people an experience. To give candidates and hiring managers a positive experience that inspires trust, recruiters need to make the recruiting process an authentic and connective one.



In the Know

stacy williamson

“Understand industry trends + master sourcing + utilize your connections!”

– Stacy Williamson, @RecruiterStacy

Stacy Williamson, Tech Recruiter for ESPN, focuses on being in the know about a specific industry. When you’re focused on one recruiting environment, you can really get to know the industry trends, understand the best places to source candidates and make the most of your connections.




matrix resources

“Recruiters should always put the candidate’s’ goals (or successes) before their own.”

– Matrix Resources, @MATRIXResources

Matrix Resources, a technology staffing and solutions company, puts the focus on commitment. Placing candidates isn’t a one-way street for the recruiter’s benefit. Instead, it’s important to be committed to the candidate’s goals and successes.



Relationship Builder

christy robb

“The best recruiters bring to the table a combination of coach, counselor, sales leaders, and match-maker.”

– Christy Robb, @Christy_Robb

Christy Robb, principal of Christy Robb Career & Lifestyle, says that recruiting is all about relationships. While recruiters and prospective candidates are both motivated by financial factors, the value of the connection is about relationships, trust and listening.



Now it’s time to feature your thoughts: Do you agree with these five traits? Or do you have another trait to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below, or connect with us on Twitter at @SimplyHired.