5 Quick Fixes for Mobile-Friendly Recruiting

Unless you’ve been living under an internet blocking, media-free rock for the last few years, you probably realize the importance of mobile devices in nearly every aspect of daily life.  From the ability to order food to be delivered to your home or office to watching the latest television show on your phone on the train ride home instead of while glued to the couch, processing of information via mobile devices is a staple in today’s modern world.

It only makes sense, then, that a mobile-friendly site for job applicants is mission critical for those looking to land the best and brightest employment talent.  Regular readers will remember our recent delve into this topic in Four Surprising Truths About Mobile Recruiting, where we revealed the increasing number of Simply Hired web traffic generated from mobile devices.  If you feel like you’re lagging behind on the mobile game, or want to ensure you stack up with user expectations, we’ve compiled a checklist of 5 quick fixes for mobile-friendly recruiting.

  1. Know Your Audience

Employers looking to fill critical positions would be well served knowing the various demographics of those who use mobile most frequently.  Previously it would have been safe to assume that those accessing website via smartphones were younger, more tech savvy generations. That assumption in today’s times would be wrong.  Increasingly older and more experienced job-seekers are turning to the convenience and accessibility of mobile platforms meaning that regardless of your positions’ desired experience, mobile access is still important.  

There is some truth, however, in the notion that certain industries attract a higher number of mobile users.  It’s a given that anything tech related should be highly configured to allow accessibility from a variety of platforms.  For less tech savvy positions, don’t think you’re safe to assume that mobile accessibility isn’t important. Healthcare, transportation, and business and finance also attract mobile use.  Utilize website traffic analytics to identify what percentage of users originate from mobile and prioritize from there.

  1. Prioritize Short-Term Goals

On the topic of prioritization, if you find that your mobile accessibility is lacking it can often be daunting to think of a radical change to your company website, recruitment pages, and even email outreach.  Simply Hired recommends taking a micro approach to bringing your business recruiting in line with the modern age.

First, ensure that job listings are easily accessed via a mobile device.  This will often take no more than a day or so of programming or formatting time and will allow you to connect with potential quality recruits.  You may also want to consider outsourcing your listings to websites such as Simply Hired which are already fully mobile optimized.

Next, it’s time to tackle your application process.  Developing a fully mobile function application system for recruits can take time but the effort will reap big rewards in the ability for candidates to easily apply on the go in between busy work schedules.  With these two main tasks accomplished, make a list of priorities for recruiting via mobile and approach one at a time rather than in a scorched earth fashion.

  1. Be Found

A great mobile friendly website and application is only as good as its ability to attract quality candidates in the first place.  With the advent of social media, professional networking sites, and industry specific blogs and forums it’s important for employers to get their listings out there in order to reel in top talent.

Post, link, and cross post job listings through outlets such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and your company’s own marketing and social media sites.  In addition, consider listing your open positions on frequently visited job boards to ensure the widest possible net for applicants.

  1. Optimize & Simplify

One of the critical considerations when ensuring your recruitment process is up to mobile standards is simplicity and optimization.  When developing a new platform, it’s important to test on a variety of technology and software diverse devices. Don’t neglect the laptop experience in this regard either.  Quality control is essential to any changes so take your time and get creative in accessing your own listings.

Regardless of how accessible your listing may be on a certain device, if the application process or job listing itself is overly complication you’re going to get the employment equivalent of TL:DR (too long, didn’t read for those of us not acronym inclined).  Evaluate your application process with a critical eye to trimming the fat. Are there certain questions that are better addressed during the interview? How many clicks does it take to get to application submission? Does your process automatically pull information from uploaded resumes to prevent redundancy?  Answer these questions to help make your application and recruitment process as short and simple as possible for mobile job-seekers on the go.

  1. Identify Vendors with Mobile Expertise

Last but not least, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to go it alone in the mobile recruiting game.  There are a host of software, platform, and even website development tools that are one click away from ensuring your application process is mobile friendly.  

Recruitment websites and services, such as those offered by SimplyHired.com offer a host of easily integratable solutions built into their application hosting services.  Key elements to search out in a recruitment partner, regardless of name, will include:

  • “One Click” and “Mobile Apply” options that make it clear to candidates they can apply instantly to your open listing.
  • Applicant tracking systems that are mobile friendly
  • Paths for easily uploading documents such as a resume, cover letter, or transcript direct from a mobile device
  • Plenty of reporting that will allow you to critically evaluate your listings and recruitment process for future improvement

At Simply Hired, were committed to helping employers and employees make lasting connections to build values and careers.  Stay tuned for the next in our series of articles where we further delve into recruiting best practices in the mobile age and beyond.

Article Updated from the Original on August 26, 2018