An Inside Look at Simply Hired

From time to time we like to bring readers our Employer Spotlight feature.  This regular addition to our blog scene delves into companies that show strength in leadership, talent, culture, and innovation.  Want to be included in a future Employer Spotlight article or know of a company that fits the bill? Drop us a line!

This month we explore a company near and dear to our heart.  Based in Sunnyvale, California, Simply Hired is a technology company that has changed the way employers and employees connect.  Helping job-seekers find high quality, reliable, career-making jobs are our primary mission.  Just call us the Tinder for employment opportunities.

In addition to the services we provide to other companies, however, we also strive to provide an enriching employment experience for those who work inside our doors.  Like many Northern California modern tech companies, Simply Hired focuses on finding and retaining the best and brightest minds. From our data scientists that crunch the stats, to the engineers who design our user-friendly platform, to the product managers and all the way up to our seasoned executives, each employee knows that they are valued and supported in their endeavors.

We’re not just all work and no play, however.  At Simply Hired we believe that building a quality team must include more than a little bit of fun.  Team building events outside of the office are a staple part of our culture and you can often spot our top executives walking the halls and checking in with employees of all levels.  

Another bit of company culture that helps makes Simply Hired a highly sought after place to work is the emphasis we put on open communication.  While everyone has their specific roles and niche, no individuals ideas are too small or insignificant. We not only listen, but we also encourage the sharing of information and ideas between all levels of staff and management.  This stress on making each and every individual feel involved in the company leads to not only a higher level of satisfaction but also a culture of innovation. The commitment benefits both our employees and the users who utilize the Simply Hired service.  

If there is one major takeaway of Simply Hired’s company culture it is our firm belief and practice that happy, enriched, engaged and appreciated employees lead to a better service for our customers.  As far as we’re concerned, that’s a major win-win for all involved.

Interested in becoming a member of this fast-paced and highly innovative Silicon Valley company?  Check out some of the most recent open positions across the U.S. and Canada and be on the lookout for more to come.  If you enjoy contributing to a team environment and have a knack for tech, we’d love to hear from you!

Article Updated from the Original on November 13, 2018