WEBINAR: Reach the Best Talent During the New Year Job Search Spike

It’s officially 2016! People everywhere are making their New Year’s Resolutions. Behind weight loss, improving finances, and exercising more, the most popular resolution? Finding a new job. And your company’s New Year’s Resolution? Well, it should be to find the right hires. It’s important to stay on top of the spike in job search activity following the New Year to attract candidates who are newly active job hunters. In fact, searches will remain high throughout Q1. Many times, employers are uncertain about how to best take advantage of the job search surge.

Join Simply Hired to learn tips and actionable tactics you can leverage to take advantage of the job seeker surge and how to use Simply Hired to connect with even more job seekers. Take your first step to create the best 2016 recruiting strategy.

Together we will discuss:

Review the Data: Job search activity increases in January and we’ll share this year’s numbers with you.

Find and Attract Job Seekers: Learn where new high-quality job seekers search so you can reach them.

Take Advantage Now: As an employer, you want to leverage this increase in job search activity to attract quality candidates.

Make a Plan: We’ll share 3 easy steps to help you capitalize on the job search surge. These are tips and tactics you can apply now to stay ahead of the competition and find your next hire.

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