What Job Site Reigns Supreme: Simply Hired vs Glass Door

Jolene Pilgrim
9 Oct 2017

When it comes to hunting for open positions on the job market, today’s candidates have never had it so good in terms of options and access to quality positions.  Long gone are the days when companies big and small hired through word of mouth or “help wanted” signs hung auspiciously in office windows.  

All today’s modern job-seeker need do is boot up a computer and they have an entire internet’s worth of virtual classifieds at their fingertips.  From Craigslist to Careebuilder, each website has its own unique plusses and minuses for those looking to make a career move.  The options, in fact, can seem overwhelming to candidates who are short on time and looking for the most efficient method for hunting down the job of their dreams.  

If you fall into that category, well, you’re in luck!  Here we break down the similarities and differences between Simply Hired and Glass Door, two of the biggest names in virtual job searches.  Curious to see where your favorite lands on our sliding scale of supremacy?  Read on!

It’s All a Matter of Perspective

Before we delve too deeply into a point by point comparison of SimplyHired.com vs GlassDoor.com, it’s important to understand the motivations and purpose of each company.  Simply Hired was founded in the early 2000’s as a job aggregator site.  This means that prospective employees could type in a few search terms on SimplyHired.com and return a wealth of listings that had been collected from all of the other major player’s websites, including direct company listings.  

In addition to searching, users could also create a free account, select a few criteria, and sign up for daily email notifications in which dozens of newly found jobs would be delivered directly to the potential applicant’s mailbox before you’d even had a chance to brew up that morning pot of coffee.

Glass Door’s founding looks a little different.  The younger of the two companies by far, GlassDoor.com was started as a research resource for current employees and prospective job seekers.  By searching Glass Door’s website you could get the lowdown on corporate culture, average salary and reviews of real-life employees.  Sure, your search results were limited unless you signed up for an account and then filled out your own review or two, but it was still a tangible resource for those looking for insider information before this type of data was more commonly available.  The other downside to Glass Door’s service was that entries were not independently verified, making for a definite buyer beware scenario.

Who’s got the Bigger (Employment) Muscles

Glass Door has recently entered the job listing game, now allowing companies and individuals to post listings direct to its site.  While there’s plenty of knowledge and research on companies still available, the job listings fall behind in both numbers and recent activity, making it difficult at times to determine whether a given position is still open.  

Simply Hired, on the other hand, has only perfected its aggregator software and criteria over the years, helping the site to become one of the largest databases of active jobs available.  In addition, SimplyHired provides valuable tools and resources such as its popular salary calculator feature, allowing job-seekers to know if their salary requirements are hitting the mark with other potential applicants.

Overall, the stats line up in favor of SimplyHired over GlassDoor for applicants in need of a single, efficient platform for finding that job of their dreams.  With a higher number of quality listings and tools catered specifically to perusing the employment market, Simplyhired.com will save users time and effort and will help get their resumes into the hands of the largest amount of potential employers available.

Jolene Pilgrim