Announcing Simply Hired’s New Year, New Job Contest Winners

In early January Simply Hired launched our New Year, New Job contest. We asked our community to share their 2014 new job plans for a chance to win a cash prize of $1,000. From the participants we chose three winners, each of which embodies our spirit of positivity and readiness. The three winners will receive $1,000 to help put their new job plans in motion. Congratulations!

Here are the winners:

newyearnewjob_carolyn    Carolyn Broe

“2014 is going to be the best year ever for me, because I am going to find a teaching job in music at a university or public school. I got my resume updated by a professional a couple of months ago, which will really help. Most people think that if you have a lot of job experience and higher education that finding a job should be easy. I have a Doctorate in Music, I have taught in community colleges and public schools, I am a professional violinist and violist, and I have over twenty five years of private teaching experience, but a lack the most important ingredient. I never finished my Arizona Teaching Certification. I still need about eleven units of teaching education courses. I can get them by going through a community college this semester. $1,000 will really help to cover those costs, so that I can get my teaching credential by June of 2014. I have already submitted my transcripts to a college. There is a job really close to my home at a public school, but they are also requiring a Suzuki Certification. I can finish that in June of 2014 at a 12 day Suzuki Institute seminar in Colorado. The tuition is around $1,100 and another $1,500 for housing and food. I am determined to be a success, because I need to be the bread winner in my family now that my husband’s company closed its doors last July. I am keeping a close eye on Simply Hired for any good news about music jobs that I am qualified for. Thanks for your support!”

newyearnewjob_elizabeth    Elizabeth Knutsen

“The career I want for myself doesn’t exist yet. I have a dream of collaborating with communities to help shape a more equitable food system. I hope to one day achieve this reality through urban farming. Utilizing urban farming, I will work with vulnerable populations of people to increase their access to healthy and safe food. I recently completed my Master of Social Work degree; I studied advocacy, leadership, and social change. I’m finding as I enter the job market, I still require further training to do what I love. I would use the $1000 to pay for an urban farm training program to achieve my own career reality and help communities grow! #NewYearNewJob”

newyearnewjob_tracie    Tracie Brockington

“My New Year’s resolution is to find a job, but not just any job. When I was in my 20’s and 30’s most of my career was in the customer service industry. I did a lot of telemarketing not only because it was an easy job to get but being on the phone and talking to a diverse group of people was something I really enjoyed. Now things have changed. Between the Do Not Call List, and the use of automated dialing systems, there is less need for telemarketers. I have the experience to be a manager in the industry, but not the professional, polished image the hiring manger will be looking for. $1,000 dollars would not only help me to improve my image on the outside but also to take the classes in management that would make me more marketable. Having that help would give me the confidence to apply for a management position in a industry I love and finally be able to start my career.”

Thank you to everyone who participated! We hope each of you succeeds in realizing your 2014 career goals.