Help Recruiters Find Your Resume on Google

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for, oh, the last 15 years or so, you’ve probably heard of that little web search service called Google.  The king of everything information on the internet, chances are if you want to know more about a topic all you have to do is “Google it”.

For Savvy job-seekers, this modern upgrade in data and technology access is another chance to get seen by those looking to staff the most in-demand positions.  Ready to learn more? Let’s delve into our tips for helping recruiters find your resume on Google.

  1. Publish Your Resume Through Google Docs

We’ve previously addressed the how-to’s of publishing your resume through Google docs, but if you’re new to our blog, or feeling a bit too lazy to click on a link to read yet another article on the topic, here’s a quick refresher.

Publishing your resume on Google docs with public privacy selected allows anyone to search the web and come up with your relevant information.  Google docs is also a handy platform for quickly and easily sending off your cv to a recruiter or prospective employer. All you need to get started is a Gmail account.  Simply upload your resume in format of choice directly to your Google docs account. Be sure to click on the “share” button to adjust privacy settings to allow the world to view freely and you’re all set.  Your resume is not only easily accessible on demand, it also gets its very own web address. Not too shabby a way to attract attention.

  1. Include Keywords in Your Resume

Having a resume out there in the world is one thing, but if your document isn’t chock full of relevant experience, skills, and keywords, chances are it isn’t going to get much in the way of recruiter attention.  

Spend some time perusing your current or desired job description at your own company and at other major players in your particular field.  After reviewing several samples, you’ll start to see a pattern in qualifications, candidate descriptions and more. Spend some time editing your own resume to work as many of these keywords in as possible.  

Remember not to fib on your resume, but rephrasing adjectives, strengths, duties, responsibilities and more into the catchphrases that employers in your field understand can make a huge difference.  Be sure to include specific qualifications in programs and any advanced certifications specifically by name. Know a programming language? List out which one. Have a management certification? Let everyone know the organization that issued it.  A recruiter is much more likely to add your resume to the keep pile if it looks relevant and on point with the job’s desired aspects.

  1. Add Relevant Hyperlinks to Your Resume

This last piece of advice for helping recruiters find your resume on Google is definitely a nod towards modern methods of staffing open jobs.  Whenever possible, utilize hyperlinks to help make your resume and more in-depth professional information as accessible as possible. Include links to your LinkedIn account, professional website or blog and links to publications, if any.  Doing this will up your Google visibility and also gives any recruiter who comes across your resume online the chance to dig in for more information on why you’d make a great candidate.

Also, don’t forget to link back off of each of those pages listed above.  Your LinkedIn profile should have a hyperlink to your Google Docs resume front and center.  Any personal website or blog should include a copy or link as well. Finally, don’t be afraid to promote yourself if you’ve contributed to relevant industry publications.  

For closing thoughts, remember that in today’s modern day and age technology is changing faster than traditional recruitment methods can keep up.  Stay on top of the latest trends utilizing Google or other outlets to be sure you’re giving your candidacy the best shot at being seen. Have another tip or trick we missed?  Be sure to drop us a line in the comments to share your knowledge!

Article Updated from the Original on May 6, 2018