The Best Free Resume Templates

Maybe you haven’t updated your resume layout in years, and you need something new to show off your skills. Maybe you want a different look for your resume so you’ll stand out, but you don’t have the design skills or the budget to hire a designer to whip something up for you. If you want to revamp the layout of your resume, here are a few, free resources for resume templates. Even if these don’t exactly work for your needs, you can use them as a starting point and edit and customize them to make the perfect resume.

Not only does offer 283 different resume templates, but it gives tips on how to pick the right template for you.

Resume Templates by Amy Dozier

Amy Dozier’s templates are beautifully-designed, and most of them are free. If you’re looking for an artistic touch on your resume, check out the The John Cousteau template. Some free resume templates also come with a matching cover letter template. is the self-proclaimed “leading online platform to showcase & discover creative work.” With just a quick search of the words “free resume template,” you’ll find hundreds of free unique resume templates, in addition to a few priced resume templates.

Similar to, is another online platform where creatives can share their work. Although not every resume template is free, you’ll still find a good amount of well-designed free resume templates.

When searching for free resume templates online, be wary of resume builders promoting themselves as free templates. A good rule of thumb is if you have to create an account to access the resume templates, you’ll probably need to pay for a subscription.