4 Nifty Online Places Your Resume Can Live

As a career-seeker, your resume is the first and best representation of your experience and qualifications to any would-be employer.  While the traditional route of submitting your resume to open job listings is a tried and true method for communicating this information, with the advent of the internet applying for jobs is far from the end-all be-all of resume viewing.

Recruiters across the country will tell you that the market is strong for qualified candidates.  From public, open positions, to less advertised, stealth listings, hiring managers and those in positions to connect those looking with those hiring will often utilize internet-based sources for hunting down worthy candidates.  So how do you ensure your resume is parked somewhere where these professionals can view it?  We’ve got four nifty places your resume can live online.

Got a Website?

A few years back the idea of having a personal website or blog seemed like a monetary and technical impossibility.  With the ever-lowering cost of personal domains and easy to follow templates, having your own www handle is more than possible.  Start a blog in which you provide commentary in your area of expertise or document daily trials and tribulations.  Your “about me” page can easily link to your resume in addition to providing a snapshot of your accomplishments.

Online Job Boards

Another service that has seen a massive boom thanks to improvements and efficiencies of the world wide web is the online job platform.  The modern replacement for old school classifieds, job boards allow employers to post jobs and, on select platforms, job-seekers can post their resume and let those with open listings come to them.  Websites and platforms such as Indeed.com give your resume a permanent home in a relevant platform and in direct line of sight for potential job openings.

Social Media Superstar

When the first social media websites first launched they were little more than a place for teenagers to share music files and chat about homeroom gossip.  Nowadays these influential websites are places for everyone from businessmen to politicians to reach a platform with millions of followers.  Social media sites such as LinkedIn specifically cater to the professional, career-minded set, allowing people to communicate with those in their line of business and also providing a valuable place to tout your background to those looking to staff important positions.

Live in the Cloud

If you were ever told by a well-meaning teacher, parent or mentor to get your head out of the clouds, now is one of the rare moments where you can completely disregard their sage advice.  Storing your uploaded resume to a cloud-based platform provides the flexibility needed in the modern, fast-paced job market.  Having lunch with a friend or colleague and find out about a choice position?  Simply click a few buttons on your smartphone and your cv is ready to forward.  Perusing online listings and see an opportunity that’s too good to pass up?  Simply upload from your cloud-based storage platform and get in on the ground floor, fast.  Cloud-based data storage is the wave of the future and provides plenty of opportunities to respond with the speed you need in modern job-hunt circles.

Have a suggestion for other online places your resume can live and be seen?  Drop us a line and see your favorite spot included on our future lists.

Article Updated from the Original on October 8, 2017