Rescue My Resumes – The Cure for the Common CV

Jolene Pilgrim
9 Jul 2018

Are you the Queen of procrastination when it comes to getting started on your job search?  Or perhaps you hold the title of King of “not today” when faced with the idea of preparing for career building applications?  Maybe you fall into the category of the job applicant that would rather get a root canal, twice, before even thinking about collecting your job history, education, experience, and skills into a format that resembles a resume?  Maybe you even have good intentions regarding the whole process, but just have zero clue where to start.

If any of the above sounds even remotely familiar, don’t worry, you aren’t alone.  If everyone’s High School or College degree came complete with the built-in knowledge of how to impress a potential employer with a single page of text, there wouldn’t be nearly as many hits, services, expert advice, or articles devoted to the topic of resume templates in a handy old Google search.  (About 1,720,000 results to be exact because yeah, we checked). Apologies if our hit-the-mark analysis caused any cringing or shudders in horror at the thought of beginning the task of working up your CV. But never fear…help is here with a brand new tool to help get you started and give you the leg up with a professional, personalized resume, crafted within minutes.  If that made you sit up a little straighter in your chair and has you thinking about postponing your latest orthodontist appointment keep reading. We’re here to show you how the new Rescue My Resumes tool and website is going to make all of your career-searching jobs come true.

Customizable Templates

We’re not above getting a good laugh out of a popular oxymoron or two.  Jumbo shrimp and honest politicians come to mind as some of the most hilarious concepts we could drum up.  When it comes to one of our favorite Rescue My Resumes features, however, hyperbole in perfection and personalization are no laughing matter.  

Customizable templates mean that while your resume will look and feel like a standard professional production, it will also be a document that helps your individual candidate stand out from the crowd.  Light on job experience but impressive in your education and certifications? Not a problem, simply select the sections you’d like included or excluded and rearrange to bring your strengths to the top.

Expert Advice

From teachers to judges to moms, pro’s in their field of know-how are invaluable to guiding us through some of the most difficult times in our personal and professional lives.  Job searching is certainly no exception. This is why‘s new resume builder offers a wealth of tips from those on the ground of the employment game.

Handy tips will help address sticky career situations.  Industry and experience specific insights mean that you’ll be ahead of the game when it comes to effectively promoting your professional brand.  Listen to the experts and you’ll find yourself with a finely crafted resume in no time.

So Easy, Even Your Mom Could Use It

Or your grandmother or kindergarten teacher or grandad that still marvels over having one remote for the TV and VCR.  The main goal for the new Rescue My Resumes platform was to make a professional, effective and personalize resume accessible no matter your technology level.  Simply follow along with the simple instructions and you’ll be walked through the creation of the document of your dreams. Forget not knowing where to start or sifting through endless how-to’s online.  Rescue My Resumes is your one-stop shop to officially launch yourself in the career market.

Did We Mention It’s Free?

You may have doubted the intentions behind the whole “the best things in life are free” pitch, but in the case of our resume creation platform, this couldn’t be truer.  Forget paying a “resume consultant” some ridiculous flat fee or teeing up your weekend dinner out money for an expensive software or template service you’ll only use once. Rescue My Resumes is free!  Save your dollars and get first class help from proven professionals who know just what it takes to get hired by top-notch companies.

This means that you can write, finalize, and upload a professional CV to apply for a new, life-changing job, all without leaving the comfort of your couch.  Pants may be optional, but your choice in resume creation is clear. Rescue My Resume is revolutionizing the way we think about professional resume creation, and putting an end to excuse makers and procrastination practicers around the world.  Head on over to now to find out how this awesome new tool can help make the resume writing, re-writing and perfecting process pain free.

Jolene Pilgrim