What’s Draining Your Job Search?

Looking for a job can be exhausting. It’s a long process that takes a lot of time and causes many job seekers to get burned out.

Job search burnout begins when you start losing any motivation to continue to search after applying for many jobs without any luck. It’s not uncommon. What’s draining your job search battery?

1. Focusing on your search too much

Applying for job after for job can be taxing, and it can take the passion out of your career. As you continue to apply for jobs, make time for things you enjoy doing. Try to find ways to become more energized and encouraged to accomplish your goals by engaging in other activities.

Every day, take time to break away from your job search to work on something you enjoy, even if it doesn’t apply directly to your career. This could be anything from taking a break for exercise to working on a hobby. It will help you recharge and come back to your search feeling energized and inspired. 

2. Pressure from friends and family to get a job

Your family and friends care about you, and they want to see you land a job and get your career started (or moving, if you’ve already been working). However, they can negatively affect your job search by putting unnecessary pressure on you to get a job. It can cause you to feel stressed and panicked.

You can’t stop your friends and family from asking how your job search is going, but you can turn their questions into constructive help. Let them know what kind of job you’re looking for and see if they know of any openings. Maybe they know a professional in the field whom you could shadow. They may be able to look at your resume and give you feedback. Instead of feeling pressure from them, allow them to help you in your search.

3. Internal pressure

There’s no doubt every job seeker wants to land a job. However, don’t become so focused on getting a job that you burn yourself out. Internal pressure can drain your battery and cause you to get burned out quickly, especially if you feel the need to get a job as soon as possible.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the vast number of websites and job boards. Try not to focus on the pressure you may feel. Instead, make a plan and use strategies. Find a few key sites for job postings and use them consistently. Manage your applications and try to do a few per day. Stay organized by keeping track of where you apply and when. If you start feeling too much pressure, take a break to focus on something else. 

4. Applying to the wrong jobs

Identify your needs. What’s your dream job? Where do you want your career to be in five years? Once you determine exactly what you want from your job, you’ll create a better plan for applying for jobs and networking with employers.

If there is a particular niche you want to work in, focus on finding jobs in that area. This way you’ll have the chance to focus on finding the right jobs and meeting the right people. Don’t waste time applying to jobs just for the sake of applying or because you’re feeling pressure to get a job.

The job search process can be exhausting, but by using the right strategies you can avoid burnout and find the job of your dreams. 

What are other factors that can drain a job search?

Val Matta is the vice president of business development at CareerShift, a comprehensive job hunting and career management solution for companies, outplacement firms, job seekers and university career centers. Connect with Val and CareerShift on LinkedIn.