This Week in Job Seeker News: Dorsey, Apple and Tesla

It was a big week in business news. In case you missed it, here are some of the stories that will impact job seekers.

Jack Dorsey to be named Twitter CEO, again?

After 100 days of searching for a CEO, Twitter has gestured that it plans to remove the interim from in front of Jack Dorsey’s CEO title. The founder returns! What this will mean for Twitter stock is yet to be seen. But many expect to see major product changes for the social media giant in the near future. Expect to see accelerated hiring in the coming months.

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Apple Music subscription period begins

The honeymoon is now over. If you love Apple Music, starting this week, you’ll pay. At its announcement Apple’s music streaming service made headlines, but we haven’t heard much lately. Whether Apple Music can overtake Spotify and Pandora remains to be seen. While Apple continues to grow, its streaming service’s ambitions will surely mean expanded hiring.

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Tesla unveils X, the company’s first sport utility vehicle

The great story that is Tesla continues. Expanding its roster of cars to now include a sports utility vehicle, Tesla has an entry into most every vehicle category. With the company planning a more affordable Tesla vehicle soon and the demand for electric cars growing, expect good hiring news in the future.

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Ralph Lauren stepping down as the CEO of the company he built

The fashion icon made the announcement and headlines this week. But the bigger news may be his replacement. Stefan Larsson will be filling Lauren’s spot. In case you’re unfamiliar, Larsson helped build H&M‘s affordable fashion empire and is credited with turning Old Navy around. His impact on Ralph Lauren’s business should be extensive. Expect similar things in terms of hiring.

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