Top Part-Time Jobs While In School

Although college is often called a full-time job, for many a part-time job is necessary to pay bills, buy groceries and so forth. But this isn’t a bad thing. Working during college can build character and greatly enhance your ability to manage time.

Some people go as far as juggling a full-time job while attending college. But unless this is required, a part-time job probably offers the ideal work-college balance. However, not all part-time jobs are a good fit for college students. For example, while sales representative is a top part-time job, with 150K+ opportunities, it can be a tough job for college students that can’t devote enough time to their job.

Although not all the jobs on this list will work for students enrolled full-time in college, some here will work. Here’s why:

Retail salesperson

This is the classic college job. It’s flexible and it pays. But it’s also ideal for college students because it’s available to people without a lot of professional experience and almost always hiring. Whether at a record store, a mall clothing store, REI, etc. there’s a retail job that fits everyone’s interest. If you don’t want to go far from campus, most college bookstores hire students.

Customer service representative

Although many think of customer service as a call center job, it’s a position that takes many different forms and can work well for college students. Whether in an event capacity, office, or retail environment, many different businesses are constantly hiring customer service personnel, and they don’t always require working on the telephone.


This is a perfect example of job that constantly is recommended to students looking for part-time work yet isn’t always an ideal job. Especially if the part-time the job means “no weekends.” Often nanny jobs require an ever-present individual who can arrive before parents leave for work until the parents return after the end of the workday. A babysitting gig can work great if it’s flexible and provides some extra cash.

Restaurant, food service worker

Another classic college job, this can be a number of things: bartender, barista, waiter, server, dishwasher, pastry chef, etc. The restaurant industry is great for students because it provides necessary flexibility, but if a student requires more shifts can be picked up relatively easily. Working in a restaurant also puts money directly into your pocket at the end of the shift, if you earn tips.



Seasonal  jobs, such as gift wrapper,  can be a great fit for college students because they do not require a big commitment. Although they may be semi-full-time, they expire at a given time. They’re also hiring the most workers at the times students are in greatest demand of money: holidays and during the summer. Seasonal jobs can be in all sorts of fields. Check Simply Hired for various seasonal jobs today!