Top Jobs Hiring In Los Angeles, CA

Known for its eternal sunshine, entertainment industry and beach culture, Los Angeles has a lot to offer its more than 10 million county residents. But don’t pack your surfboard and start your juice cleanse quite yet. With a cost of living rate 23 percent higher than the U.S. average, you’ll need to find a good job to pay your rent of $1,500 or more per month.

If the lure of Hollywood and In-n-Out burgers cannot be denied, here are the top 10 jobs available in Los Angeles.

Office and Administrative Workers

Including titles such as office manager and administrative assistant, these employees make sure that office operations and processes run smoothly. Key skills include organizing information, detailed record-keeping and impeccable phone manners.

IT Managers

Workers in information technology (IT) are part of the technical team in a company. They make sure that computer systems and other technical assets are working properly. They also help the business and technical teams work together by translating business needs into technical requirements.

Sales Representatives

If you’re articulate, self-driven and don’t mind a little month-to-month uncertainty, a sales job may be a good fit. Although base salaries can be modest at some companies, the potential to make big money through goal attainment can be a powerful incentive.


A profession that’s in-demand across the country, nurses come in at No. 4 on the list of desired workers in Los Angeles. Nurses have the opportunity to work with ill or disabled patients in a variety of different environments such as hospitals, private clinics, schools and homes.

Software Developers

Although Silicon Valley is better known for employing software developers, Los Angeles draws a significant number of engineers to work across a variety of different industries.

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