The Top 5 Jobs Hiring in Boston

The capital city and also the largest in Massachusetts, Boston is home to nearly 618,000 residents, while the metropolitan area has a population of about two million. America’s history truly comes to life on the streets of Boston, which was home to the first police station, newspaper, public library, African-American meeting house and church.The first public high school, Boston Latin School, opened there 380 years ago and remains in operation. Beantown also boasts America’s oldest restaurant, The Union Oyster House, and the oldest pub,The Bell in Hand Tavern. Both are still in operation and worth a visit.

While the backdrop may be antiquated, there is a fresh vibe in Boston, which holds the distinction among US cities for having the highest concentration of young people ages 20-34. Its economic and cultural prominence have secured Boston’s reputation as the unofficial capital of New England. Greater Boston area is home to more than 100 college and universities, attracting more than 250,000 students to the region each year.

Living in such a vibrant city doesn’t come cheap; it costs about 28 percent above the national average. Boston came in third place in Forbes 2015 list of most overpriced cities. The average cost of living for renters is about $1,500 per month. One bit of good news is that you probably don’t need a car. Walking and public transportation will get to most places, including your new job, which could be one of these:

1. IT Workers

There is a lot of innovation happening in Boston as the city’s hundreds of tech companies are busy enhancing and streamlining the way the world operates, plays and even relaxes. If your expertise is in the IT field, there is ample opportunity in the city of Boston to put those skills to work.

  • Number of jobs: 13,000
  • Average IT manager salary: $99,000

2. Office and Administrative Workers

Let’s face it. Nothing gets done without aid and oversight. When it comes to keeping daily operations running smoothly, office and administrative workers’ ability to organize and streamline operations is paramount to running a successful business. So come to Boston, where your help is needed.

  • Number of jobs: 11,000
  • Average administrative assistant salary: $42,000

3. Medical Practitioners

There is ample job growth in the medical field in Boston, and there is a need for a variety of medical professionals to staff the area’s myriad medical facilities.

  • Nurses
    • Number of jobs: 9,000
    • Average RN Salary: $82,000=
  • Doctors
    • Number of jobs: 4,400
    • Average Pediatrician Salary: $174,000

4. Software Developers

Be a part of the Beantown boom. Boston needs your skills to help keep business moving forward. A full range of positions is available for seasoned and entry-level developers alike.

  • Number of Jobs: 8,830
  • Average software developer Salary: $76,000

5. Sales Representatives

If you have the gift of gab and a talent for moving merchandise, sales is a great way to put those skills to work. Inside sales and business-to-business jobs give you the chance to impress other professionals with products geared to make their lives and their work operate more smoothly. Bonuses often round out a solid base salary, making this an exciting and rewarding profession.

  • Number of Jobs: 8,750
  • Average corporate sales representative Salary: $67,000 + bonuses

The city of Boston is hiring, so join the buzz and put your skills to work in Beantown.

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