Top 5 Cities with the Most Hospitality & Tourism Jobs

If you’re a fan of flexible work schedules, meeting people from different locations and receiving discounts on food and lodging, you might be interested in a job in the hospitality and tourism industry.

If so, you’re in luck. There are more than 400,000 jobs available in this industry in the U.S. today. This is almost twice as many as we found this time last year. In June, hospitality and tourism jobs made up 8.5 percent of total jobs. according to Simply Hired’s data.

Although job seekers start looking for hospitality jobs in July, historically we have seen available jobs increase between July and October each year. So if you haven’t found a great job yet, keep looking. New jobs become available every day.

For those of you whose calling might be as a travel agent, chef, concierge or tour guide, here are the top five cities with the most jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Los Angeles, California

Home to amusement parks, theaters and Hollywood, it’s no surprise that Los Angeles and its surrounding area ranks first for the most jobs in hospitality and tourism.

  • Number of jobs: 20,000+
  • Percentage of total jobs: 11.3%
  • Job growth since 2014: 94% (nearly twice as many hospitality jobs)

Dallas, Texas

Botanical gardens, museums and the symphony are attractions that help Dallas rise to the No. 2 spot for hospitality jobs.

  • Number of jobs: 13,000
  • Percentage of total jobs: 10.81%
  • Job growth since 2014: 102%

Chicago, Illinois

From blues and jazz clubs to deep dish pizza tasting to Wrigley Field, Chicago’s 50 million+ visitors each year find many activities to enjoy.

  • Number of jobs: 11,000
  • Percentage of total jobs: 8.38%
  • Job growth since 2014: 13%

New York, New York

Between visits to the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building, travelers to New York can participate in food tours, visit museums and take in a Broadway show.

  • Number of jobs: 10,000
  • Percentage of total jobs: 3.81%
  • Job growth since 2014: less than 1% decline

Atlanta, Georgia

Known for the Coca-Cola Museum, Atlanta also boasts a large aquarium and several parks. Although Atlanta ranks 7th in tourism in the U.S., it comes in 5th on our list of total jobs in the H&T industry.

  • Number of jobs: 10,000
  • Percentage of total jobs: 10.76%
  • Job growth since 2014: 79%