Top 10 Emerging Careers

Are you the type of person that likes to stay ahead of the latest trends?  Instead of following, you like to lead and anticipate the next big financial, career, or other market moves before your fellow peers.  If so, you may be the perfect candidate for an emerging career position.

Emerging careers are those that are in demand based on changes in technology, society, processes, and more.  From computing to efficiency experts, emerging careers are sure to create a rewarding future return for those willing to take the initiative today.  Keep reading for our suggestion of top ten emerging careers for inspiration.

Computer Programmer

It seems like you can’t shake a stick today without running into an industry or system that is powered by computers.  Computer programmers are the backbone of this growing industry. From coding the next big video game to developing the newest and greatest software to keep future generations plugged in, if you have a keen interest in technology, this may be the field for you.

Computer Programmer Jobs

Elder Care Specialist

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you aren’t getting younger.  For that matter, neither are your parents, grandparents, or other aging relatives.  In previous generations, nursing homes were a bit of a mundane and dreary affair. With improvements in health care and longevity, however, elders are interested in more upbeat communities where they can live productive lives while still receiving needed medical care.  Whether an in-home specialist or member of one of the up and coming residential centers, if you have a passion for the elderly and a desire to take care of people, a career as an elder care specialist is rewarding and secure.

Elder Care Jobs

Environmental Engineer

Thanks to Al Gore (and scientists of course) people are increasingly aware of the impact of humans on our greater environment.  Surveys before building and environmental impact studies are now par for the course. In addition, the impact of emissions on our weather and global temperature continues to be a hot button issue.  Be a do-gooder while earning a salary by considering launching a career as an environmental engineer.

Environmental Engineer Jobs

Physician’s Assistant

It’s a given in life that if you have a population of people, you’re going to need doctors and nurses to keep them healthy.  With the increase of conversation around health care costs, physicians assistants are much-desired experts that help bridge the gap between serious medical care and routine treatment.  Ditch the medical school and opt for a shorter degree term to earn the right to practice in this steady and stable field.

Physician’s Assistant Jobs

Mobile Applications Developer

If you’re reading this blog from a smartphone or mobile device, chances are you’re utilizing the work and efforts of a mobile applications developer.  The number of new apps launched yearly across all platforms is staggering, and that doesn’t count the updates and bug corrections. Learn how to program the next big thing in mobile with a career as a mobile applications developer.

Mobile Applications Developer Jobs

Management Consultant

It’s a constant in human evolution that as society and jobs progress so does the desire for less work and more play.  Management consultants are an emerging position based on employers’ desire to cut costs and keep workers happy while maximizing efficiency.  Consulting is a flexible gig, in addition to being in high demand. Not a bad combo for a bit of guaranteed job security.

Management Consultant Jobs

Home Health Aide

Much like our previous career suggestion of elder care specialist, aging, sick and injured are increasingly opting to avoid the hospitals in lieu of healthcare from home.  If you have the option to be mobile and a desire to serve and help make people’s lives better, a home health aide could be an exciting and steady gig for years to come.

Home Health Aide Jobs

Employment Placement Specialist

We’ve touched the topic of recruitment quite a bit here at the Simply Hired Blog.  Today’s career market is focused increasingly on the use of recruitment professionals to place employees in mission-critical positions.  Employment placement specialists are sure to be in demand in years to come. As a bonus, many of these positions work on a commission basis meaning you see an extra reward for your excellent performance.

Employment Placement Specialist Jobs

Web Content Strategist

Remember those days when you would sit in your high school bedroom or college dorm room and create a website, just for the fun of it?  Gone are the days when companies and brands rely on simplified websites or even their web platform alone as their only choice of connecting with potential clients.  Web content strategists manage the entire portfolio of the internet, social media, and email marketing for clients. Like the internet and social media and have a knack for selling?  A career as a web content strategist will keep you busy and employed for years to come.

Web Content Strategist Jobs

Fitness Instructor

Everywhere you turn nowadays there seems to be another diet or exercise regime guaranteed to get people looking and feeling their best.  With a focus on healthy lifestyles, it only makes sense that those dedicated to coaching and teaching others in the art of fitness would make it into our list of top ten emerging careers.  If you have a passion for muscles and a love of aerobics, consider fitness instructor as a strong career move.

Fitness Instructor Jobs

Have other suggestions for emerging careers that are sure to be in demand in the coming years?  Drop us a line and tell us your experience and opinions for a chance to be featured in a future article.

Article Updated from the Original on August 25, 2018