Tips for a Successful Job Interview

It seems as if everywhere you turn a Monday morning quarterback or self-proclaimed expert is ready to shovel out job-hunting advice.  From crazy uncle Jim’s recommendation of a friend of a friend who may know how to hack a computer application system to old gamaw Penny’s assertation that a lucky charm tucked under your mattress is the way to go, it seems as if the questionable advice is plentiful, to say the least.

If you’re tired of having friends and relatives dole out hit and miss tips and tricks for finding the job of your dreams, you’re in luck.  At Simply Hired we’ve curated a one-stop shop for recent useful articles on nailing your interview, written by those with actual experience in the game.

BBC’s Surefire Tips

The always reputable and entertainingly British BBC recently interviewed a decidedly us employment professional based out of New York City for their go-to advice on how to make your interview experience stand out.  Among other standby’s, Lauren Ferarra advises candidates to show up 15 minutes early, at a minimum, and moderate those nerves in order to make a great first impression.

Entrepreneur Knows recently covered the interview topic with a decidedly modern twist.  Eliminate overused buzzwords was among some of the handy advice on offer.  Another tip we strongly endorse? Consider cutting out your resume objective and instead include a professional summary, especially if you have relevant experience under your belt.

Business Insider Has the Inside Scoop

A publication known for catering to the professional set, Business Insider is particularly situated to dish out on the topic of nailing your next interview.  Instead of focusing on what to do, this short and sweet piece instead lists a host of advice that isn’t so follow-worthy.  Avoid some of these common pitfalls to avoid outdated modes of thinking and to help impress on interview day.

LinkedIn Links Us In

Last but not least on our recap of recent news from the web on interviewing, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner recently delved into the hiring and firing game in a sit down with CNBC.  Covering topics from leadership to his favorite interview question, Weiner was frank with his assessment that those who take initiative during the interview process are the candidates that are going to get his attention (and the job).

While We’re at It…

While it’s been fun recapping recent articles on interviewing, don’t forget your standby when it comes to all the tips, tricks, and trends in the world of interviewing and beyond.  The Simply Hired Blog is here for you with a host of daily articles geared towards all aspects of the job search game. Stay tuned for the next article that may just help you make it big during your next interview or application.  

Article Updated from the Original on August 24, 2018