Seven Ways to Build Your Resume This Summer

Summer is almost over, and you’re starting to plan your return to school, but you still haven’t found a job. Before the days get colder and the leaves begin to fall, here are a few ways to add value to your resume without a job.


Want to make some money while still building that resume? Try becoming a babysitter, nanny or mother’s helper for the remainder of your summer vacation. While these may not seem like “traditional jobs,” you can gain a number of valuable career skills by taking over the care of someone else’s little ones. Caregivers are constantly called upon to demonstrate responsibility and reliability, two skills that are imperative in the workforce. Through the management of young children you’ll likely learn the art of patience as well!


There is almost no better way to prove subject mastery and leadership than through tutoring. Perhaps you’re a great writer or very skilled at geometry. If you can, try to pick a discipline that you think lends itself to your chosen vocation. By teaching others what you’ve already grasped, your resume will prove to future employers that you’re a self-starting leader who can support the development and growth of others, which are great management skills.


Your resume doesn’t need to only feature jobs that you were paid for. In fact, taking the summer to give back to your community or to a specific cause that resonates with you is not only admirable but also shows great leadership. When looking at volunteer opportunities, try searching for programmatic roles that allow you to take ownership of a specific project. This will not only highlight your global awareness but also build and develop your project management skills for future opportunities.


Feeling creative? Try to pick a theme in line with your interests and start a blog. This medium will highlight your unique thoughts, experiences and creativity. It is also an excellent way to help your name and personal brand become more approachable and discoverable online. Your resume will now show your unique perspective on a subject that interests you. This is particularly helpful for those exploring a career where creativity or writing are needed (marketing, business, design and many more).


This is purposefully vague. Have you put off learning how to code, taking that class in Italian or attending a leadership conference? Now is the time to make a list of all of the skills and subjects you want to learn and to try to tackle a few. Whether you choose to learn how to code in C++ or work on your public speaking skills, taking the initiative to learn is always a desired trait in an employee. Your insatiable quest for knowledge will show prospective employers that you’re not one to sit back and be complacent.


Please, take a vacation. Go somewhere new. If you can afford to leave the country and take that trip to Southeast Asia, do it. If not, take a road trip to your state’s capital or even the mountains for a camping trip. Traveling can be an underestimated experience. Traveling shows a natural curiosity and can even demonstrate adaptability. These are two skills that can help employees shine in any job. If you can travel to a new place and adapt, employers are going to feel comfortable relying on you in any situation.

If you haven’t found that perfect summer job, don’t worry. There are still plenty of opportunities for you to grow and develop. Best of luck and don’t forget to enjoy the months off.