How Search Filters Can Save You Time

Say you’re looking for a part-time nursing job in Utah. With a job search engine, you can see all available nursing jobs in Utah. Just search for “nursing” in Utah, and you will be presented with all the job postings available.

Now, how do you see whether that nursing job is a full-time or a part-time job?

You could read every job posting where the employer has described the nature of the job as full-time or part-time and then bookmark or save those part-time nursing jobs. But reading through hundreds or thousands of job descriptions would be an enormous drain on your time. You need something to help you quickly get to the part-time nursing jobs in Utah.

This is where a job search engine’s filters come in. A search filter is a feature that simplifies your experience browsing a large volume of jobs and helps you get to the right jobs quickly. When you use a filter, you are able to select a subset of jobs from the large initial volume of jobs—a subset that is more aligned with your needs and preferences.

A search filter is a query expressed in the form of a logical expression. In a job search engine, filters help job seekers perform specific logical actions. For example, do you want to see only those nursing jobs posted in the last seven days? Done. Want to see only those nursing jobs from the University of Utah? Easily done with one click.

Here is an example of how that one-click filtering process works. Below is a Simply Hired search results page for “nurse” in Utah with a sampling of search filters. The results show 7,220 jobs. That’s a large volume of jobs to review.


Here is the example of a Simply Hired search results page that shows part-time nurse jobs posted in the last seven days. Note that “Last  7 Days” and “Part-time” were clicked on. The results show 157 jobs. This is more aligned with a job seeker’s preferences and a more manageable number of jobs to review.


Search filters are a powerful tool to help you save more time in your job search. All job search engines recognize that just offering the volume and variety of jobs is not enough. They want to save you more time by offering a set of filters that will also help you get to the right job post quickly.

At Simply Hired we not only provide a large volume of search results to our job seekers, we also provide more than a dozen relevant job-specific filters such as Location, Date Posted, Education and even special filters such as Veteran Friendly and Mom Friendly and many more to help all types of job seekers get to their desired job postings quickly.