The Lazy Person’s Guide To Passive Job Search

Here is a round-up of passive job search strategies for the person who is too busy to actively job hunt. Whether you’re not quite sure you’re ready for a new job, or you just want to keep your job search private, this list was curated for the person who wants to investigate  a new job without necessarily launching a full-fledged search. Read on for three simple ways you can snag a new gig.

Sign up for alerts in your e-mail box.

Job sites like allow you to sign up for a list of new job postings sent right to your e-mail. You can also use Google Alerts to sign up for alerts from companies that you’re targeting in your job search. Experiment with multiple alerts and different keywords until you start getting the results you want. This will take some time, start with the company you’re interested in first, then add keywords tailored to a specific role.

Make yourself discoverable.

If you want recruiters to find you, you have to make yourself discoverable online. Optimize your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles to include keywords that are similar to keywords in job posts you’re interested in pursuing. Some job websites allow you to upload your resume to their website for free, and recruiters can contact you if they find a fit with your resume.  If you’re feeling ambitious, start blogging on your industry or your expertise. Recruiters will be more likely to reach out to you if they see you’re passionate and sharing your ideas on the industry.

Have lunch or coffee with a close friend.

Do you have any friends you’ve been meaning to catch up with? Make that lunch date! How does this help your job search? By letting a trusted friend know that you’re looking, they’ll keep you in mind if they hear anything. You were planning to spend quality time with them anyways, so it’s killing two birds with one stone. Depending on your situation, you can ask your friend to reach out to their colleagues for any job leads. Let your network do your job search for you.