Infographic: Rosy Outlook for New Grads Seeking Full-Time Employment

This year 1.85 million students will receive bachelor’s degrees and enter the workforce. At just 1.2 percent of the total 2015 workforce, these new grads will be entering into a more desirable environment than in years past—Simply Hired data shows that 5 percent of its job listings are targeted toward new grads. While that number is down from 6 percent last year, our data indicates that full-time employment opportunities in 2015 have increased by 20 percent over 2014. The corresponding drop in part-time, contract, and internship positions bodes well for new grads seeking to begin a new career right away.

While new grad hiring typically peaks in April – a month before graduation – Simply Hired data shows an increase in job listings targeted to new grads occurs again in July and October. New grads shouldn’t despair if they are one of the many of their peers who don’t land a job before graduation.

In some careers, new grads will be entering a less competitive environment than in years past. Demand for college degrees in office jobs like customer service agentsreceptionists, and data entry workers has increased by 5 percent. Although historically thought of as a gateway to higher-level roles for all entry level workers, these jobs are increasingly being reserved for college graduates.

For the more than two-thirds of Americans who lack a college degree, an increase in manufacturing, electronic equipment and commercial driving roles mean that the employment outlook is also positive for high school graduates in 2015.

If you’re a new or recent grad, check our job listings today—and don’t forget to check the “New Graduate” box in the Special Filters section on the left hand side of the page.


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