One-Stop Job Search: How Simply Hired Saves You Time

One-stop destinations such as Kayak (for travel) and Amazon (for e-commerce) are popular because they provide amazing convenience to the consumer. Job search engines are growing in popularity for the same reason. A job search engine is a critical tool for you, the job seekers. It has many key features that save you time—most importantly the ability to display all of the job listings available in one single location.  

So how does a job search engine accomplish that impressive feat?

There are three steps.


Step 1. Collect

A job search engine collects job listings from various sources and builds a database of jobs. The jobs come from various corners of the internet and directly from the employer. They are collected by crawling websites or posted directly on Simply Hired.


Step 2.Make Searchable

After collecting the jobs, a job search engine cleans up the job content by creating unique instances of the job especially if the same job was acquired through multiple sources (called de-duplicating them) and breaking down the title and description of each job post into individual keywords.


Step 3: Display

Finally a job search engine displays the job listings to you in one location when you enter a search query. Below is an example of a Simply Hired search results page with a list of “Sales” jobs in Dallas.  


But why does a job search engine perform these actions? What do they hope to achieve? A job search engine performs these actions because it is their mission to help you save time and make your job search faster and more productive.

At Simply Hired we are deeply committed to providing useful and valuable job posts to you. We pride ourselves in a technology that offers a large volume and wide variety of jobs. This is why more and more job seekers like you are visiting job search engines like Simply Hired to save time.