Now Trending: The Most Clickable Retail Companies

Are you a little bored with your job search? Have you had a hard time finding new companies to check out? Then Simply Hired’s latest announcement for retail job seekers is for you!

We’re pleased to announce a new feature on the Simply Hired Company Directory– a round, orange Trending Now badge that can give you insight into the most clickable retail jobs in the country.

The Trending Now badge appears based on our Employer Brand Index (EBI), an employer brand measurement that analyzes the rate at which millions of job seekers click on a particular company’s jobs and provides an easy-to-spot, impartial brand strength indicator.

This index is the first of its kind, and it uses a large sample of behavioral data to measure which companies are really preferred among job seekers— not what’s reported by curated reviews and ratings.

Quickly Identify Job Seeker Favorites

The Trending Now badge will help you identify hiring companies whose job listings earn the top 15 percent of click-throughs. These statistics will be updated every day to show which companies are receiving the most interest from job seekers on Simply Hired, making it easier than ever to identify today’s most popular employers and job listings.

Discover Newer, Better Jobs

Stuck in your job hunt? Use the Trending Now badge to help you discover new jobs and new employers. You may notice companies you might not have previously considered based on what’s popular, trending, and interesting to other job seekers.

You can quickly learn why other job seekers are interested in each brand and find out for yourself whether it would be a good fit for your career path. And when you find a company that interests you, you can check out extensive company pages to learn more.

Unique Data, Unique Uses

The EBI is the first employer brand measurement metric to use impartial, uncurated data to identify the top 15 percent most popular employers and job listings. You’re not sorting through biased reviews and ratings— you’re quickly viewing the results of a large sample of behavioral data that can help you make better decisions about your career path.

Rather than learning about what it’s like to work somewhere or hearing from past employees, job seekers can use the Trending Now badge to understand whether a company is popular among other job seekers.

Retail job seekers can look for the top 50 preferred retail companies in the United States using the EBI’s full list of brands here.