Could the Muppets Lead You To Your Next Job?

After a long absence, the Muppets are soon to return to primetime television on ABC. The Muppets are, of course, the lovable gang of puppets with a sense of humor and gift for inspiration. While they’ve had their ups and downs, they’ve stuck around pop culture for 40-plus years. Their staying power suggests we all could learn something from them in our careers and otherwise. With that in mind, here are a few jobs perfect for Muppets.


Dr. Bunsen Honeydew: Doctor

On The Muppets he’s some sort of mad scientist. But here in the real world he probably finds success in the healthcare industry. Continually the No. 1 hiring industry across the U.S., healthcare jobs offer competitive salaries and a chance to really make a difference.

swedish chef

Swedish Chef: Chef

This may seem a little obvious. Swedish Chef is a chef. Of course. But the available opportunities out there would definitely encourage him to stay in his current field. Chefs are in demand and, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, chef and restaurant jobs will  grow for the foreseeable future, although at a somewhat slower pace than some other industries.


Kermit the Frog: CEO

Kermit has always been the leader of The Muppets. He’s a brave risk-taker who inspires the people around him to do their best. If there was a job for Kermit to snag here in the real world it has to be CEO. Seriously – what business wouldn’t want a level-headed frog like Kermit running the show?


Statler and Waldorf: Web Critic, Blogger

The old angry guys in the balcony. Are they everyone’s favorite Muppets? They’re probably mine. Sarcastic, opinionated and hilarious, they might be curmudgeons, but they’re always there supporting the Muppet Show one way or another. If these two who never have anything nice to say had to work for a living they’d look no further than the Internet for the perfect job. They are ideal critics, whether on a website or their own blog. Although the field isn’t growing exceptionally fast today, there are expected to be more new jobs in online content creation.


Scooter: Event Planner

On the Muppet Show Scooter is probably the most indispensable,forever backstage with clipboard in hand making sure the show runs smoothly. If Scooter needed a job he’d be a great fit for event planning. Whether for an organization planning conferences or doing weddings and bar mitzvahs, Scooter’s ability to multitask is a perfect for the job. Also, good news for Scooter, event planning will continue to grow at a quick pace in the next 5 years.