Love Legos? Here are 5 Dream Jobs to Consider

One of the most well-known pieces of wisdom that comes from the ancient Chinese sage, Confucius, is that if you find a job that you truly love, you will never work a day in your life. Finding that cherished work is usually easiest accomplished by taking a close look at what hobbies or interests you have. Given the wide variety of career fields available in today’s modern world, chances are you can find calling to match the one you love the most.

Now, what if that passion were to lie in the wonderful world of Legos? The core concepts that make playing with Legos so enjoyable can easily be found in career opportunities. Sure, you will likely need some extra training to qualify for, and excel in, your new position. Any time and effort to acquire it is well spent, however, given you will be in a position to do something you truly enjoy.

Architect Jobs

He's got years of valuable experience

The path of the architect is chock full of fun activities, like designing your envisioned structures, and meeting with associated engineers and clients. This exciting field does require an education, with a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree needed for entry-level positions. Those launching into a career as an architect can expect to make around $73,090 each year.

The reason for a Lego lover to gravitate towards a career as an architect is fairly obvious. Legos are toys filled with building things, from a simple little house, to a grand and complicated structure. If you have a passion for turning the designs in your head into a reality, being an architect is likely an excellent career path for you to explore.

Architectural and Civic Drafter Position

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The path of the architectural and civic drafter differs a bit from that of the architect. Rather than think up the designs themselves, they translate the designs from the architect’s vision into a visual medium that can be shared with everyone involved in the process. This is called a blueprint, and is carefully drawn and measured to portray things to an exacting degree. While past drafters had to make do primarily with pencils, pens, and T-squares, today’s drafters can do most, if not all, of the work on a computer.

While a Bachelor’s Degree does help in acquiring a position as a drafter, it is not a necessity. Attending classes at your local community college, or tech school, should have you up to speed in short order. Expect to make around $48,800 per year as a civic and architectural drafter. As a Lego lover, this job is just full of different drawings and guidance on how to turn your miniature plastic structures into a real-world masterpiece.

Preschool teacher

Preschool children with teachers in classroom

Given the building and design nature of every other career on this list, a job as a preschool teacher may seem like a strange one to include. The confusion dissipates, however, when you think of just how excellent a medium Legos can be for teaching budding minds. Simply sorting and separating the Legos into different piles serves as the foundation for valuable math skills developed down the line. If you yourself have a true passion playing with these plastic marvels, you can easily pass this enthusiasm on to your charges as a preschool teacher. If you decide to go down this path of instruction, expect to make around $25,000 per year.

One of the primary requirements for teaching children at the preschool level is the ability to word questions and problems in a way they can truly comprehend. Your love for Legos will let you connect with your young students on a deeper level, since they share your love for them too.


Construction manager 



The exciting responsibilities of the construction manager deal primarily with making sure that the building actually gets finished. All management and logistics concerns associated with a building project go through the construction manager, no matter what type of building is going up. To be a construction manager, you will need to have a Bachelor’s Degree. Previous experience in construction work is also a factor that can make landing the position as manager much easier. If you do, your pay should be in the neighborhood of $81k per year.

This type of position is excellent for those who enjoy keeping the instructions, and managing their chums while they do they actual building of the Lego structure.

Graphic designer Jobs

Design is his forte

Given that graphic designers are not involved directly with building materials or actual building, its connection to the Lego lover may be a little less overt. The connection becomes obvious, however, when you realize that both use different parameters and components to make new creations. A graphic designer leans heavily on fonts and shapes in much the same way Lego aficionados rely on the different sizes and colors of the blocks.  

If your primary area of talent with Legos lies in the ability to invent new ways to use them, being a graphic designer may be right up your alley. The graphic designer’s main goal is to develop new and exciting ways to convey various concepts and ideas. If the graphic design position sounds right to you, your expected paycheck will be around $44,000 per year.

A Bachelor’s degree in either graphic design, or one of its close counterparts, is a virtual necessity for a career in graphic design. If you are adept at thinking outside the box, and coming up with unique ways to have fun with your plastic building blocks, you will likely be a great graphic designer.