Looking to Telecommute? There’s a Search Filter for That.

Once upon a time working remotely was considered a resource-saving effort by potential employers.  Looking to capitalize on lower overhead from physical office space, companies increasingly offered telecommuting as a requirement of employment for potential candidates.  Nowadays, however, the dynamic has switched towards a much more employee forward model.

Savvy candidates looking to create a work/life balance are increasingly asking for telecommuting options before considering offers and even interviews with a new employer.  With the modern trend in job searches’ tilted firmly towards individual candidates, the ability to offer commuting flexibility is an increasingly attractive option for recruiting top notch talent.  

Telecommuting has increased an astounding 115% percentage over the last ten years.  In short, telecommuting is a big deal to both potential employees and employers looking to staff mission critical positions.  If you’re in the former category and are looking for a job with flexibility, Simply Hired has you covered.

Refine Your Search for Telecommuting

The SimplyHired.com platform gives job-seekers a number of flexible ways to identify telecommuting jobs in their area of expertise.  For starters, in the free text search fields consider using words such as “telecommute”, “work from home”, or “remote work”.  These phrases will help narrow down your specific search to only those positions that offer remote flexibility.

Want to make your search for remote work even easier?  Simply Hired has a filter for that. Follow the easy steps below for narrowing your search to include only those positions that offer telecommuting as an option:

  1. Visit simplyhired.com and enter a job title, skill, or company in the search bar
  2. Want to work near a specific city or state?  Enter your preferences in “Location.” If you’re flexible, leave this field blank for the widest variety of options for your telecommuting “home base”
  3. Click on “Search Jobs” and watch for the results to roll in
  4. Once you get to the “search results” page it’s time to make the telecommuting magic happen.  Here you’ll find a variety of filters that allow you to refine your search. To see results for telecommuting jobs, look for the “Job Type” filter and click on “Telecommute” from that menu.  Feel free to browse the other options to further refine your search
  5. Apply to your telecommuting job of choice, in some cases, directly through the Simply Hired interface

Final Thoughts on Telecommuting

Remote work is certainly an attractive option, but candidates seeking this type of arrangement should keep a few key concepts in mind.  First off, many employers will ask that an employee commute into the office several days a month or once a week for meetings or check ins.  If your potential employer is hesitant about telecommuting, try to negotiate for X days a week rather than an all or nothing approach. For some jobs, working from home may not be feasibility due to security concerns or the need to interact directly with customers.  If you do manage to land a telecommuting position, be sure to stay in touch with your colleagues in the office via email, phone and messenger applications. In future articles we’ll delve into the hurdles employees may face when adapting to a work from home lifestyle.  Until then, enjoy the freedom in your new telecommuting job located via Simply Hired’s handy search tools.

Article Updated from the Original on August 8, 2018